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new day, new blog

bike by bike 

Day one of trying new blog through WordPress.  Apparently going to have to migrate from .Mac, as Apple has informed me that they will be discontinuing the service, and I wasn’t to thrilled with what I saw via the new MobileMe.  Wasn’t always too thrilled with .Mac and iWeb either, although the iWeb page templates were pretty.  Oh well.  Hoping that having ownership of domain name will be an improvement … now to just figure out what I’m doing with the WordPress dashboard.  Be prepared for significant learning curve-age while I figure things out.

I have done a lot of bike hauling this week – bikes by bike, bike parts by bike, recycling by bike … The genius that is Xtracycle never ceases to amaze, and never disappoints.  The picture above was from trip to bike shop — dropping off the Big Dummy (the green bike), and taking the Specialized (white/yellow bike) along so that I’d have a ride home.  Schlepping of bike by bike made possible by the Xtracycle TrayBien. The Big Dummy has almost finished the final phase of customization, with only the glorious fenders and new deck by Woody’s Fenders to be added.  That is the agenda for the weekend.

Need to figure out how to link to those websites (Xtracycle, Woody’s) … oh well.  Need ‘WordPress for Dummies’, apparently.




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Posted by savaconta on April 24, 2009
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  1. 11/9/2010

    Wow! This is great. I’m visiting first posts from some of my favorite blogs. I love that your xtracycle was the first image on your new wordpress blog. Really have enjoyed looking at your pictures. You were a major inspiration for bikerly blog… and I’m so glad I followed your advice. It’s fun blogging. Thanks!

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