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... the only thing more fun than an Xtracycle: two Xtracycles!

... the only thing more fun than an Xtracycle: two Xtracycles!

Introducing the second set of twins in our family…

Another X has entered our flock.  This time the Surly/Xtracycle Big Dummy (the army-green beauty in the foreground).  This was really a fun build – once again, thanks to Charles at Trailhead for his knowledgeable and artistic vision.  I always thought my Long Haul Trucker was the beauty in the family, but I’m having second thoughts.

Decided to get the second so that Mark can share in the fun.  We’re also hoping to embark on some camping/touring on a local scale.  I think the Xtracycle configuration will serve us perfectly.

Twins … the other pair (the humans) are in the final stretch, with HS graduation only days away.  Exciting times, and I know they are anxious to move on to the next phase in their lives.  The university decisions have been made (won’t dwell on what an ordeal that experience was) – Mason to attend Austin Peay State University for physics and mathematics, Ross to attend East Tennessee State University for chemistry/biochemistry.  So proud of both of them!

Everyone keeps commenting and warning me: “Aren’t you going to be so sad when they leave?”  The truth is, although I will miss them, their presence at home, their company –  I am so excited to see them moving forward, to start making their mark in the world.  It’s a thrill to see what they’ve accomplished, their motivation and passion over what they want to do, and where they want to go.  How can I be sad?  It’s time for this.  The right time.  We’re ready.  And my happiness and pride in them displaces any sadness.

Being the parent of twins … it’s been a fun-filled ride.  (And not the bicycle kind! 🙂

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Posted by savaconta on May 5, 2009
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