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a snow-y post

Dillon just posted a new video of our Steamboat trip:

Steamboat 09 from Dillon Yost on Vimeo.

Need a dose of snow? Champagne powder, the Bananaman, solving a Rubik’s cube while skiing, and a few fun faceplants … a 4-minute video production compiled by son Dillon. March 2009 ski trip to Steamboat Springs, CO. Good times.

Dillon - just taking a break from all of his video producing...

Dillon - just taking a break from all of his video producing...

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Cleveland, TN, Greenway/Bike Path - after the rain

Cleveland, TN, Greenway/Bike Path - after the rain

Our local Greenway/Bike Path is one of my favorite ways to travel through the more congested parts of the City of Cleveland.  That is, until we have heavy springtime rains.  The path runs adjacent to Mouse Creek, with several street underpasses – all of which wind up underwater with even the slightest rise in the creek.  I guess they had to build it somewhere.

Riding in the rain – I think I’ve finally perfected my rain gear combination: Gore Bikewear Alp-X Rain Shorts, Marmot rain jacket, helmet cover when I need it.  The rain shorts deserve a prize — I don’t feel like I’m wearing a sauna-suit (which happens with full pants). Comfortable, great ventilation and great rain protection at the same time.  Can’t recommend these highly enough.  As long as my seat and thighs are dry, I find that I’m remarkably comfortable in a fairly wide range of temperatures.  

I would love to find a rain vest (?) for warmer temps.  I wouldn’t mind having wet arms, if I could just manage to keep my core dry.

It seems like the news is full of floods, wildfires, crazy weather.  Can’t help thinking about changing weather patterns, climate change … and wondering: how badly have we messed things up?