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today’s ride: home decorating & the bison range


Even though housing has collapsed...
Even though housing has collapsed…

I have ridden past the remains of this old house more times than I can count.  There is nothing left among the weeds and charred rubble except for this fireplace and chimney.  I’ve always wanted to prop my bike up on the mantle for a picture.  Today, I finally did.  

As a consequence of my silly ideas, I apparently ran over a thorn on the little walk up through the brush.  Ended up with a flat rear tire.  I’m so brilliant sometimes…

The Lone Fireplace sits at the corner of Bigsby Creek and Rabbit Valley Roads – two of the nicest cycling roads virtually out my back door. Bigsby Creek Road, especially, has some of the most lovely scenery I have come across anywhere – from winding roadside fences, to old barns, to Holstein pastures, to duck ponds, to the bison farm (SW corner of Bigsby Creek and White Oak Valley Roads).  It’s not to difficult for me to fool myself into feeling like I’m riding in Vermont sometimes…

The route is fairly short and easy.  It’s kind of a “bread-and-butter” ride for us.  It’s short enough (and low-traffic enough) that we can go out for a quick evening spin after dinner.  And it’s enough of a distance to feel like we’ve actually gone for a ride.  It’s relatively flat to rolling, with some nice scenery, smooth pavement, and very little car traffic.  There’s a charming small country Baptist church at the corner of White Oak Valley and Rollins Ridge Roads – their front steps make a nice little stopping point if you need a quick break.  

An alternate shorter variation is to cut across Old Freewill Road (between White Oak and Rabbit Valley Roads).  There’s a nice little hill to climb in the middle of this shortcut, but also some lovely farm scenery.

No more traipsing through brush for me – maybe I’ll just have to put the Xtracycle on our own mantle?! 

The Route:



The Bison Loop ~ 19+ scenic rural miles
The Bison Loop ~ 19+ scenic rural miles


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Posted by savaconta on June 3, 2009
  1. 06/3/2009

    I have to say, I think the bike is prettier than that soot-covered brick fireplace. But the idea of feeling like you’re riding through Vermont sure is a nice one…

    • 06/3/2009

      Hah! I’ll have to agree with you on the bike part … but maybe I should’ve said “feeling like I’m riding through New Hampshire”, yes? 🙂

      • 06/4/2009

        Well, having lived in both VT and NH, I’d have to say TN looks more like VT–rolling hills, green pastures. NH is, for the most part, one big forest. Although both places–all three, really–are great places.

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