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tiny bicycle world

This one is for my friends Jenn and Stan, who have been helping me in past few months with all things photo. I put it together over Thanksgiving, and somehow forgot to include it here until now.  It’s my idea of a perfect planet. (LOL)

Jenn and Stan recently co-taught a great digital photography class at the local community college, which helped me immensely understand how to use my DSLR to it’s (nearly) fullest potential.  I’m still learning. They followed up with an action-packed Photoshop class. I’m still trying to get a handle on what I’m doing, and plan to take a private lesson or two, but I definitely had fun playing with some of the crazy ways you can digitally manipulate a simple image …

Check out their website, Scrappers Workshop, for lots of great tutorials and other photo stuff.

As for my Tiny Bike World – a big thanks also to my Kids, along with Matt, Tim and Boaz for manning the bikes and being incredibly patient while I took the pictures for this thing.  Hope they had as much fun as I did ;).

Posted by savaconta on December 6, 2009
  1. 12/7/2009

    Hey look at you!! you ROCK! Can’t wait until we can get together, I’ve got some great ideas to show you. Wonderful photograph, I can imagine how long it took to get it right! WTG, kiddo. So nice to see someone is paying attention in class 😉

    • 12/7/2009

      Heh heh heh … thanks, Jenn. Also can’t wait for more of your creative teachings. YOU rock! 😀

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