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snow(?!) day

Shrinking wintertime real estate for the ducks.

Shrinking wintertime real estate for the ducks.

Well, happy 2010 and all of that …

We’ve began the year with a bang.  Basically everyone got sick right after Christmas.  Annoying sinus/respiratory infection.  No riding.  Not much of anything besides lying around, sipping tea, watching movies.  Think we’re nearly all on the rebound – except for Mark, who was late to the party and is still trying to recover.

Not exactly sure why school is out ...?

The weather (happily, imo) has been very “wintery” and cold for the past week.  Not quite single digits at night, but pretty close.  The pond is frozen, the birds have mobbed the feeders.  I get to wear my winter clothes – hurrah!

Today, with a chance of possibly less than an inch of snow in the forecast, the schools dismissed kids early.  It looks like tomorrow may bring cancellation of classes altogether – we’ll see.  Have to say I never understand the reasoning behind their decision-making.  Weather radar says it doesn’t look like this storm will amount to much of anything, the roads are perfectly clear.  Just stupid.

Mason and I had a nice, but brief, road ride this week.  He had turned down my offer of warmer lobster mitts before we left … and I think he came to regret it.  His hands and feet were cold, so we cut things short.  He did get to visit with a few of his friends along the way, though. (LOL).

Mason: "Rides-With-Asses"

I’ve made my round of errand-riding this week, and have gotten a few stares of incredulity.  Apparently it’s acceptable to see teens running around in 20’F temps in athletic shorts, flip-flops and hoodies, but if you decide to ride a bike around town, the same people call you crazy.  (I will never understand the Ways of The South).  I wish I could show them some of the people riding around in CO, MN, and other places – with several feet of snow on the ground. If you want to see a beastly cold-weather rider, check out this gal (via Twitter).

Perfectly toasty - grocery run. (Yes, I'm a Nutcase).

Posted by savaconta on January 7, 2010
  1. 01/7/2010

    I was hoping to get enough snow that I’d need to put my studded snow tires on the ol’ MTB-turned-SUB. But, alas, you need at least 3 or 4 inches of snow so the studs don’t wear off on the pavement–and make for an uncomfortable ride.

    But, boy, would I have gotten some stares!

    • 01/7/2010

      ThoseI would really love to see! 😉 DId they see alot of use in NH? As for ever needing in this part of the country, well … wahahahahaaaa! 😉

      • 01/8/2010

        I used them a little bit, but not as much as I would’ve liked. Problem is, I only made one studded tire. For the best effect, you really need to have two. But it takes a while to work those sheet metal screws through the MTB tire knobbies…

        Remind me next time you’re over and I’ll dig it out of the garage.

  2. 01/8/2010

    HAHA yes, you’re a nutcase! We’ve got the creeping crud here too, and I’ve got a house full of kids today. Funny how they can run busses up north when it snows, but here their excuse is they are afraid to run the busses in hilly areas. Like they don’t have hills in VERMONT! Sheesh. Then they tell us they don’t have time in the school day/year for music, art, language even social studies and science in the lower grades? How about we keep them in school on snow days and cover those topics?

    All I have to day to you, my dear, is – “Toto, I think we’re not in Kansas anymore”

    • 01/8/2010

      Ah Jenn – I am so sorry to hear you guys got the plague too. Hope it didn’t mess with your holiday travel plans? You and I are definitely on the same page, schoolwise. Just got back from out and about – on the road, everything is clear and dry. If they had wanted to delay the start time, ok – but losing a whole day, well … ridiculous. LOL – we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore (land flying monkeys is more like it).

      STILL need to get my PS continuing ed lesson (sending you an email momentarily). I have a list of “need to know how to …” :-0

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