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A beautiful day for the road ... Mark on Meadowview Rd, Hamilton Co.

It was a lovely January day this past Saturday – temps near 60’F, and the sun poked its head out for a while.  Mark and I took a nice road ride for the first time in too many weeks, over into Hamilton County and one of our favorite loops off of Ooltewah-Georgetown Road.

I guess it’s that time of year, because we saw and heard lots of Sandhill Cranes.  This area lies along one of their popular migration paths, and every winter we are lucky to have them stop and visit.  Up until 2008 (?) the TWRA with the help of several local organizations had held an annual Crane Festival at the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge in Birchwood.  From what I could find, the event no longer takes place … but the cranes still come to the area in the tens of thousands.

They have a very distinctive and unusual call, and one day last winter I remember hearing them flying overhead – for nearly 3 straight hours.  An endless parade of cranes kept coming and coming; I had never seen so many.  It was truly awe-inspiring.

There is one corn field along our bike route where I have often seen the cranes stop and congregate.  As we were riding by on Saturday, sure enough, they were there.  While I was attempting to take a few pictures of them on the ground, several of them took to the air above my head.

Sandhill Cranes overhead

I’m hoping that one day this week if we have some nice weather, I will ride out along the Hiwassee and out to the Refuge area (if it is open?) and take the good camera and try to get some more photos.

One the way home we had another “bird-related” road obstacle.  Definitely one of the more unusual roadblocks we’ve encountered, even here in rural TN.  These two guys were quite, well, let’s just say not timid.  They came right up to us when we stopped for them, and when we got going, they seemed to want to run along with us for a few meters.  Oh brother.

It’s always interesting and amazing … the stuff we see while riding. 🙂

Mark and the turkey roadblock 😉

Posted by savaconta on January 25, 2010
  1. 01/26/2010
    Adam Hartzell

    I feel that this might be one of the soft-points that will eventually get more people to get out of their cars. I see so many fascinating things on my walks. At least once a week I walk along Mission Creek in San Francisco and continually wonder at the beauty of the various species of birds that frequent that stretch of water. I love watching pelicans dive into the water. (And if the weather’s right, you’ll see a seals as well.) And then when I’m wandering the city, I’ll be way more attune to the opening/closing of stores, the fascinating architecture, etc., because I see it all walking home where the journey matters as much as the goal. (Yes, you see some unpleasant things as well.) Driving just doesn’t give me the same pleasure.

    • 01/26/2010

      Well said – it IS as much or more about the journey than the desitination. I love SF and the CA coast – and know you have a very active bike culture there. Lucky! Sounds like you see some amazing things. 😀

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