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To get the recycling to the recycling drop - #whyIride

I’ve “met” some of the finest bicycle people around the planet on Twitter.  Recently, there has been a topic of discussion about why we ride our bicycles – organized and defined in the Twitterverse by a hashtag, in this case – #whyweride.  Some of the 140-characters-or-less “why’s” have been inspiring and moving, and others entertaining and amusing.  Yet all of them describe the variety of reasons and levels of passion of these amazing friends who love their bicycles.

Here is a sampling of a few of my favorites (the authors’ twitter names are in in green):

@danlatorre Coolest way to know & travel my city + Being the change I want to see. #whyweride #bikenyc

@area45 I just spent an two hours tinkering on my bikes. It was more fun than working on a car. #whyweride

@justridingalong …because Freddie Mercury would’ve wanted it that way#whyweride

@14bikes I ride because an automobile is an expensive excuse to be lazy #whyweride

@dangerjosh There is a certain peace in knowing that you do little harm. And becoming more fit doing so. #whyweride

@lifeonqueen I ride my bike because I love it, I ride for moments of grace as I glide along the streets. Good for my soul, good for my planet. #whyweride

@ohaijoe I was told that if I sold my car, I wouldn’t get dates. Let’s just say the past two years have proven them wrong. :0)#whyweride

@14bikes I ride because what I do matters to everyone. A lot of people doing a little bit makes an incredible difference.#whyweride

@metromixAC I ride so I can eat more bacon. #whyweride

@nicycle Because I’ll get there faster than you. #whyweride

@thinkkesho I ride because I hear sounds you will never hear.#whyweride

@ohaijoe I ride 4 peace of mind, stay fit, save $ & time, freedom, cleanr air, solitude, to meet new friends, & f*ck traffic! #whyweride

@danceralamode I ride bc when u ride a bike, the ride is about the journey not the destination #whyweride

@GaryRidesBikes By bicycle is the fastest and most efficient travel by human power. I am my own motor. My commute is powered by fruit and cereal. #whyweride

@ohaijoe Cyclists have the sexiest bodies. Just saying….#whyweride

@jonthelam i ride because i want others to know there’s another way to travel w/o a motorized vehicle. #whyweride

So, why do you ride?  Join the discussion on Twitter, #whyweride … and be sure to follow me: @morebikes. 😀

Posted by savaconta on February 2, 2010
  1. 03/1/2010

    I ride therefore I am. And never am I more than when I am. Know what I mean?

  2. 03/4/2010

    This is an awesome collection! Thanks for putting it all together like this.

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