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ap pur te nance  |ə-ˈpərt-nən(t)s| noun (usu. appurtenances)

An accessory or other item associated with a particular activity; accessories, trappings, equipment, paraphernalia.

(I'm) Just a Big Dummy with a camera ...

With memories of February’s “snowmageddon” starting to fade, the promise of springtime, warmer weather, and sunny roads gets alot of us dreaming of appurtenances … OK, bike stuff.  New bike stuff.  Maybe a new set of tires, new rims, a new pair of shoes, a new helmet, or even a complete new beautiful bicycle.  (You guys know who you are … finish the thesis & you get the Salsa!  😉

Trailhead Bicycle: better than a candy store

Trailhead Bicycle: better than a candy store!

To be clear, I don’t exclude myself from this Spring Fever.  Thinking that my favorite bike shorts have seen better days, my brake cable should be replaced, a colorful new jersey would be nice … Anyone who steps into the colorful wonderland of a bike shop in the grey days of late winter knows the feeling.

Lately, I have also added camera “stuff” to my appurtenance cravings.  Deciding to participate in a 365 photo project (a photo each day for a full calendar year) with ShutterCal, was big impetus to get a bit more serious.  In the somewhat futile attempt(s) to improve my photography skills, I have spent a lot of time – and yes, admittedly, money – in recent months taking classes, reading books, attempting to master new post-processing software – as well as buying a few pieces of equipment I “really needed”.

I have to admit that I struggle with that inner voice that keeps whispering, “it’s not about the equipment…”. I believe this: it’s not.  I know there is not a bike on the planet that will magically make me a super-human cyclist, yet I also know how pleasurable it is to ride beautifully equipped bike – whether an ultra-light road bike, an Xtracycle, or some stylish balloon-tired cruiser.  The bike does not make the rider – but good equipment can make the ride divine.

And just as with the bicycle, the camera does not make the photographer.  I’ve seen spectacular photos shot with a camera phone, or a cheap point-and-shoot.  An artful and skilled eye will always more-than-compensate for lack of technical equipment; yet good equipment (and the knowledge to use it) can enhance the results for those of  us who are considerably less talented, and make the process much more enjoyable and productive.  Just like riding a beautifully equipped bicycle, shooting pictures with a good camera and lens can be an inspiring experience.

I’m not sure where that leaves me in the end?  There is so much I want to learn, and improve upon – both in cycling and photography.  It will likely require appurtenances. I don’t need to win races, ride around the globe, win awards or exhibit my photos – I just want to reach some personal level of accomplishment.   I’m trying to find the right balance; I don’t want the desire for appurtenances to get in the way of the actual work.  I need to climb more hills, I need to take millions of photos.   Yet I also know that sometimes, appurtenances can help pave the path to getting there…

Spring is almost here…. dream on! 🙂

feels like Springtime...

Posted by savaconta on March 4, 2010
  1. 03/5/2010

    Great post! I’ve been doing the same with camera stuff – taking a class, reading library books, trying to take lots of pictures. I agree that equipment – both bikes and cameras – certainly sweeten the experience. Sure, I could bike to work every day on my old Jamis, and I could take nicely composed pictures on my point-and-shoot, but my sweet Rivendell and DSLR make both activities much more enjoyable 🙂

  2. 03/5/2010

    Nice camera. I got a Rebel XSi as a gift a couple of weeks back, my 5-year-old Sony point and shoot having finally kicked the bucket. I’m now confronted with an entire realm of technofetishism I haven’t paid any attention since I was in the 7th grade and processing photos still involved tubs of chemicals. It’s all kind of amazing.

    I make a living being a nerd, and just about everyone I hang out with exhibits some kind of fascination for the trappings of at least one technical pursuit, whether it’s bikes or cameras or mandolins. I guess I’ve made my peace with all of this. There’s a certain obscenely prosperous decadence to having spent more on strictly unnecessary gear over the course of the last year than plenty of families eat on, but I’m not sure I’d ever do anything worth doing if I didn’t use my relative prosperity to invest in serious tools.

  3. 03/5/2010

    Aaaah, spring! Can’t wait to get out there.
    Finding a balance, climbing more hills, I know what you mean.
    I also agree that the bike doesn’t make the cyclist but still, I can’t wait to get my new bike!!
    “Divine” will then be my ride!
    Great spring post,thanks! Keep those pics coming!

  4. 03/5/2010

    Love the goat pics! Love the Dolce in front of the barn too.

  5. 03/5/2010

    Can’t wait to see what images you get on your spring rides – you do have a great eye. And you’re smart not to ignore the whole post-processing part of the equation. Half of the job is done in the digital darkroom these days. Stan did a post today on some HDR photography, a lot of your work would lend itself to this technique – check it out:
    Keep clickin’!

    • 03/6/2010

      Thanks Jen! Funny, I used some Topaz on the bike/barn pic. I’m a little conflicted with some of this stuff tho … Great article by Stan! Be talking to you soon. 🙂

  6. 03/5/2010

    I love the bike pics and the old…barns…do those qualify as barns? We don’t see many barns out here in New Mexico.

    • 03/6/2010

      Yup, definitely barns. Around every corner here. I envy all the SW adobe you must see tho …. ooooh, ahhh! 🙂

  7. 03/6/2010

    Yes! Which is precisely why I can’t wait to get my new Salsa Casseroll. I love my fixie, but having gears to navigate the hills here in east TN would make my rides oh-so-diviner. Great pics, too, especially the barn/bike one. I might need to order a copy and put it on my office wall…

    • 03/6/2010

      Ahem. Get back to work, mister. 😉 (You shall have a picture, if you want one… after Chapter 5 😉

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