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#30daysofbiking – Day 5: mindless chore Monday

Sometimes I let the recycling pile up ....

Sometimes I let the recycling pile up ...

One of those Mondays.  Play all weekend, and pay the price.  Tackling the laundry, mowing the yard, and todays ride – at least for now – was a recycling run on the Xtracycle.  It was quite a load, but the X always gets the job done – even when I’ve let the pile get a bit too big. :-0

We have 2 recycling drops in town, but the limited hours/schedule are completely stupid.  (Bad on you, Bradley County).  Although the trip to the county landfill recycling drop is a bit longer (18 mi round trip), they are at least open all day, 5 days a week – so that’s where I headed.  Another beautiful and balmy morning, and the ride managed to take the “chore” out of the chore.

Now to get the laundry down and folded, and the grass mowed.  Might head out by bike one more time later in the day, if I can maintain some energy … the weather is just to beautiful not to.

A pretty bed of pansies outside the entrance to the landfill .... ahhh, spring!

Posted by savaconta on April 5, 2010
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