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#30daysofbiking Day 10: indecision

apple blossom time

Happy Saturday.  Lots of things to do today … so many, in fact, that I couldn’t really make up my mind where to start, what to do.  Spent the morning with household chores, and Grant and I debated heading down to Chattanooga for the Green Festival in Coolidge Park.  After some indecision, we scrapped the idea.  Then considered riding into town, a quick trip to the grocery store and a ride on the greenway … but also scrapped that plan.

Eventually opted for a road ride close to home.  Another day of perfect cycling weather – lovely temps, little wind, lots of sun.  So many trees and flowers are in full bloom that the pollen count is getting crazy.  Great for bees – not so great for humans (or at least for me and my seasonal allergies). But the scent and color of the apple trees is heavenly!  I just can’t resist being out in it.

Day 10: bike, cows, and lush green spring pasture ... 😀

Posted by savaconta on April 10, 2010
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