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#30daysofbiking Day 13: triathlon Tuesday

This has become the only kind of triathlon I will partake in.  Swim, bike, read. 😉

Not my cup of tea...

My usual Tueday routine of riding to the pool for a swim, and the rather loathed routine of weights and strength training.  I would much rather be in the pool or outside riding, but kind of like brushing my teeth, I visit the weight room for the sake of bone density preservation (and it probably doesn’t hurt cycling/skiing/swimming-wise, either).  Gee, I love getting old.

I also had one of my typical moments of sheer genius today – left the house with camera(s) in hand … only to discover that I had left both batteries in the wall-chargers. Apparently I need some strength training in my brain muscles. So – no batteries, no pictures – except for these rather messy things I took with my iPhone.  FTW! 😛

On the way home I decided to stop at the bookstore, in search of a good book on photographic composition.  As is typically the case, I left the store with not one, but four books in hand.  Not all photography books, but still – ridiculous lack of self control when it comes to books.

One of my twitter cycling friends, Kerstin (@Kittydew) – who is a brilliant illustrator and computer/graphics design instructor, as well as an awesome cyclist – has been working far too hard lately. (Quite unlike myself, as you can tell).  So I told her I would take a scenic detour on her behalf during today’s ride.  And I did.  Took the long(er) way home, along Candies Creek Ridge Road.  And I will apologize to her in advance for the absence of some nice pictures of “her ride”.  Stupid, stupid battery-less me.  iPhone is all you get, my friend.

Now to sit down with the new books….

Kerstin's-been-working-too-hard detour

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