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#30daysofbiking Day 17: bikes, tennis, rock-and-roll

home again - front yard (boys say I am starting a collection of bikes-leaning-against-tree photos ūüėČ

A long and very multi-faceted day. ¬†Grant left before 7am to attend the annual two-day HS tennis tournament at the Champions Club in Chattanooga. ¬†Mark and I spent most of the morning dropping off garbage; literally. ¬†Today was Household Hazardous Waste day, and we had a small pile of old paint, batteries, and miscellaneous “hazardous materials” to dispose of. ¬†Quite a line of people waiting to go through the drop (a good thing). ¬†We also made a stop at the landfill to drop off some recycling and a few other things. ¬†Sorry to say, it was too much of a load to attempt by bike.

quick 8.6 miles around my "block"

Mark was kind enough to let me sneak in a quick ride “around the block” while he finished up some yard work (that I should have been helping with). ¬†“Around the block” is basically the shortest loop I can make out of our house, and a nice little ride. ¬†A couple good hills, lots of woods. ¬†And also the requisite cows, a few mules, a few sheep, and a little white pony. ūüėČ ¬†Not much in the way of distance, but I simply had to stay faithful to the #30daysofriding.

We wanted to see Grant play, so we headed to the Champions Club just in time to see a great match Рclose, some wonderful volleys, but ultimately a loss.  He played 6 matches over the course of two days, a few wins, a few losses.  But one really great singles win Рcoming from behind to win in a tie-breaker.

Came home briefly to clean up and get ready for Round 2: the boys’ band, The Night Shines, were playing a concert at the Warehouse in East Ridge. I think Grant must have been pretty exhausted after 2 days of tennis, but it didn’t stop him. ¬† They sound better and better each time, and I think they’re ready to be some serious contenders in next weekend’s Battle of the Bands.

It was a very long day … but never any shortage of good entertainment!

Grant: he's a tennis champ by day ...

... and a crazy bass guitarist by night!