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#30daysofbiking Day 22: a day in the life of a Big Dummy (10 photos)

Todays #30daysofbiking story will be in photos.  (Because it was a long one, and I am too tired to write coherently.)

Heading out. Paying respects to a "deceased" brother ...

Needed some cash.

Picking up a picture I had framed.

Picking up the tennis team snacks.

Mailing graduation announcements.

Dropping off some mail.

Taking the Greenway through town.

A visit to the bike shop; lusting after pretty shiny things. (Ltd. edition Felt Brougham in full chrome/white glory)

Sharing. (Another tennis match. Tennis team kids wanted to ride. Will hold many racquets.)

Watching Grant. Won both his singles and doubles matches today. 😀

After a long day, back at home. Good night, moon.

Posted by savaconta on April 21, 2010
  1. 04/21/2010

    Love all the pictures – especially the “deceased brother” and moon!

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop

  2. 04/22/2010

    That Surly of yours is an absolute beauty. Great photos….I look forward to the last few shots from #30daysofbiking.


    • 04/22/2010

      Thanks Darryl – especially for hanging in there through this every day thing! I *love* the Big Dummy – fun ride, and just everything about it. Appreciate your comments! C

  3. 04/22/2010

    Wow, I am digging that bike more and more every time I look at your blog. Of course since we just dropped $$ on my Specialized Robaix for my 40th B’day. It’s gonna be a while before I could justify dropping the $$ for an Xtracycle. But it’s now at the top of my “Things I really want to save up for in the near future” list, bumping a 2nd gen iPad to #2. 🙂 Also loving the Fischer Simple City Step through,( but the sheer towing ability of your Surly is amazing!! And the wood paneling, wow. Do you worry about the wood getting wet? Or is it laminated up for protection?

    • 04/22/2010

      K – yes, so many bikes I would love to have – trying to come up with justification/excuses to get them! 😉 LOL! For me, personally, if I could only have one bike, it would be an Xtracycle. So versatile, rides like a “normal” bike, can do virtually anything with it, go anywhere. The Big Dummy is actually Mark’s – I have a Surly Long Haul Trucker Xtracycle … and I love it in that long-term-relationship kind of way. Fenders and deck are well sealed, rain-proof – but definitely wouldn’t leave it sitting out side all year.

      The Fisher is lovely! (My son has a Roubaix – awesome bike!) I too would love to have a step-thru Dutch-type bike ( as well as this incredibly sweet mixte ( Too bad I’m not made of money (or have a bigger garage)!

      • 04/23/2010

        Gee, thanks for adding ANOTHER bike to my want list! LOL! I’d love to put Pickles, my pug in that basket! 😀

        Of course, it’s a little of a pipe dream for me right now to have a bike like any of these that I would do all my errand running on. I live in FL, our area (Tampa Bay area) was recently rated one of the most unsafe for cyclists in the country. :-/ I’m also surrounded by big, exhaust choked roads with little or no space and few bike lanes.

        Advocacy is making slow improvements and we are slowly building and connecting more and more rail-trail systems. So maybe in a few years I can get around shopping more without risking much road riding. In the meantime though, I guess I’ll dream of some nice Dutch roads to go with the dream bikes! 😀

  4. 05/10/2010

    I am totally in love with your fenders. Really. Your photos are awe-inspiring, but at the moment I am still stuck on your fenders. Gorgeous!

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