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#30daysofbiking Day 23: first light, last light

First light. Across the road; neighbor's field & morning mist

I love the surrounding fields in the first light of morning.  In the spring and fall, we always have some amazing mist hanging low in the valley.  This morning, the light – as I saw it from out on our front porch – was especially beautiful.

It was a long day.  The boys’ 14-year old car had finally reached the point of not-worth-fixing-again.  Mark took the day off so we could do some car shopping, and we ended up finding a nice 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid as a replacement.  I know it’s not as fuel efficient as a bike – but as far as vehicles go, I’m happy with the choice.

Came home and mowed grass, planted some corn, and finally – near 7pm in the evening –  Mark and I got out for a quick spin.  A front was moving in, and we didn’t have much daylight left.  Tomorrow it appears we will see rain and some thunderstorms.

The last light coming through the approaching clouds was lovely – not as colorful as the morning, but still beautiful in a muted way.  A fine ride, and a fine ending.

in motion...

in motion...

... last light.

Posted by savaconta on April 24, 2010
  1. 04/24/2010

    boy, another crop of wonderful images! Almost makes me want to live out amongst the fields. Almost. Thanks for sharing your peaceful moments!

    • 04/24/2010

      Jenn – we both need to get more sleep, me thinks … LOL. (And thanks – you and Stan can take alot of credit for any photo success!)

  2. 04/24/2010

    What a fine day you had! The mist in the valley, in the morning, sure makes a wonderful photo! Thank you for sharing; looks gorgeous out there.

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