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#30daysofbiking Day 27: storms and swimming

caught in the rain

To the pool today.  Another day of unpredictable – when it came to the weather.  Sun, clouds and wind on the way to the pool; not so bad.  The swim part was more work than the biking part today.  Not that I strictly adhere to a regimen when I swim, but most days I like to follow one of my old swim club workout sets  – primarily to mix it up.  (I have almost perfected the skill of being able to doze off and nap while swimming, so the “mixing-it-up” part tends to keep me conscious).  It was a long swim today – for me, anyway – and by the time I finished, the storm was brewing outside.

Sure enough, got caught in a downpour on the way home.  No rain gear, of course.  Thankfully it was brief.  From wet (pool) to wet (rain).  Oh well.

anxious to be swimming outside (soon!) - rather than inside

another one of the typically (un)productive ways I spend my day

of course when you have no rain gear, you can just see it coming ...

Posted by savaconta on April 27, 2010
  1. 04/27/2010

    Only a few more days left, but I hope your great photos continue. Congratulations on your #30daysofbiking and the #30daysofgreatphotos you’ve provided us with.


    • 04/28/2010

      I hope I haven’t burned peoples eyeballs out by now … but thanks! 😉 It’s been a totally great daily experience. Now thinking #330daysofbiking …

  2. 04/27/2010

    I love what you did with that last photo! I’m so enjoying all the photos and the little peek at the world through your lens.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • 04/28/2010

      Thanks, Jen 😀 *Always* appreciate you looking! When are we going to go riding together? 😀

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