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#30daysofbiking Day 29: distracted

Bigsby Creek Road barn

It was a truly beautiful day, weather-wise, but my heart and mind were just not in the ride today.  Even though it felt good to pedal, I felt so distracted – thinking of countless things around home that needed to be taken care of, schedules, tennis, upcoming graduation, moving boys back home from college … It’s all piling up and about to converge in a few days of craziness, and I just can’t clear my mind.

I took a few photos today along the way, but found it kind of revealing when I got home and sorted through them – none of the “keepers”  included my bike.  Perhaps it speaks for the feeling of detachment I had today?  Dunno.

A nice set of handlebars on his head

more flowers alongside the road

Posted by savaconta on April 29, 2010
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