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#30daysofbiking Day 30: Success!

by the creek

Success! Day 30. ¬†What a great project this has been … so amazing, so much fun riding and getting to be part of the conversation with the cycling “twitterati” (as coined by a twitter pal). ūüėÄ

Today’s ride – solo road ride in the late afternoon. ¬†Much better feeling than yesterday, for whatever reason. ¬†Relaxing, connected, peaceful. ¬†As it should be. ¬†Rode on a very quiet road not far from home, which crosses a beautiful creek running through a field. ¬†No cows, just the trickling water – and me and my bike.

I feel like I should have something more profound to say about the whole experience, because it has meant a great deal to me. ¬†All I have are a few random thoughts ¬†that were running through my mind today…

  • It wasn’t hard. ¬†Really.
  • Ride … regardless. Even when – especially when – you might not feel like it. ¬†The days that surprised me the most were the days I may not have normally gone out “just to ride”: the bad weather days, the tired days, the too-busy days, the days when I ran out of time or daylight. ¬†I’m glad I ¬†found a way to get out – there was always an unexpected reward.
  • It’s not about the distance, or speed, or incredible skill on two wheels. ¬†Even if it only means riding around the block or up the street and back (or, as someone joked – to the end of the driveway and back) – just ride. ¬†You will be glad you did.
  • Mix it up. ¬†I loved taking a variety of rides – from the long-distance road rides to the simple commuter trips, or the quick spin on the greenway or up the road. ¬†A change in perspective can be a good thing – for anyone on a bike.
  • Love your bicycle; it’s an amazing friend to have.

So where to go from here? ¬†Lots of chatter about continuing … and I think I’m up for it. ¬†Maybe not the daily posting, but definitely the daily riding. ¬†Or as close to it as I can get. ¬†Thinking #330daysofbiking ………….

Last word – I am so grateful to the many friends – twitter, ¬†ShutterCal, and “real-life” – who encouraged me (and put up with) all of this daily nonsense, who read the blog entries, commented, tweeted, and allowed me to share my (one-too-many) random pictures … you are awesome! ¬†And most of all – grateful to the tweeps (@patiomensch, @rycera, @nicycle) who started the whole #30daysofbiking rolling – you guys ROCK!

... the end. (Or the beginning ...?)