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#30daysofbiking Day 30: Success!

by the creek

Success! Day 30.  What a great project this has been … so amazing, so much fun riding and getting to be part of the conversation with the cycling “twitterati” (as coined by a twitter pal). 😀

Today’s ride – solo road ride in the late afternoon.  Much better feeling than yesterday, for whatever reason.  Relaxing, connected, peaceful.  As it should be.  Rode on a very quiet road not far from home, which crosses a beautiful creek running through a field.  No cows, just the trickling water – and me and my bike.

I feel like I should have something more profound to say about the whole experience, because it has meant a great deal to me.  All I have are a few random thoughts  that were running through my mind today…

  • It wasn’t hard.  Really.
  • Ride … regardless. Even when – especially when – you might not feel like it.  The days that surprised me the most were the days I may not have normally gone out “just to ride”: the bad weather days, the tired days, the too-busy days, the days when I ran out of time or daylight.  I’m glad I  found a way to get out – there was always an unexpected reward.
  • It’s not about the distance, or speed, or incredible skill on two wheels.  Even if it only means riding around the block or up the street and back (or, as someone joked – to the end of the driveway and back) – just ride.  You will be glad you did.
  • Mix it up.  I loved taking a variety of rides – from the long-distance road rides to the simple commuter trips, or the quick spin on the greenway or up the road.  A change in perspective can be a good thing – for anyone on a bike.
  • Love your bicycle; it’s an amazing friend to have.

So where to go from here?  Lots of chatter about continuing … and I think I’m up for it.  Maybe not the daily posting, but definitely the daily riding.  Or as close to it as I can get.  Thinking #330daysofbiking ………….

Last word – I am so grateful to the many friends – twitter,  ShutterCal, and “real-life” – who encouraged me (and put up with) all of this daily nonsense, who read the blog entries, commented, tweeted, and allowed me to share my (one-too-many) random pictures … you are awesome!  And most of all – grateful to the tweeps (@patiomensch, @rycera, @nicycle) who started the whole #30daysofbiking rolling – you guys ROCK!

... the end. (Or the beginning ...?)


Posted by savaconta on April 30, 2010
  1. 04/30/2010

    I have written your words so many times, but sometimes need to see them from someone else. Thank you for reminding me to just ride. If I can ride, ride. I’d been getting weaker and weaker riding the past year…on April 20, I learned that lupus is now working on my heart (other organs have already been wrecked). But still, if I can make it the six-tenths of a mile to watch the eagles in their nest, there’s a majestic mountain when I turn around (Mt. Baker, NW Washington). These are reasons enough to get out and just BE with my lovely bicycle.

    I see your pics and read your words and feel a little bit of me in what you do, and I dig it. I am grateful. Namaste’.

    • 05/2/2010

      Tee – I was so moved by your comment; thanks for stopping by. Having a friend with Lupus, I know the the difficult battle you are in the midst of. Hope your cycling brings you some peace and happiness … sounds like you live in a beautiful place to bike. Take good care.

  2. 05/1/2010

    Thanks for #30daysofgreatphotos. Thanks also for the beautiful post today. You rock, as well.


    • 05/2/2010

      Thanks for sticking through all of my ramblings, Darryl … I ❤ my twitter pals!

  3. 05/1/2010

    Congratulations, Cassie. As always your advocacy for cycling knows no bounds and I’m certain that I’m not the only person out here who is inspired by both your words but also your great pics!

    To Tee: you’re living proof that inspiration is contagious. Keep on ridin’!

    Soon as I’m all healed up I’ll be hitting the road myself. I got some pavement time I need catching up on.

    • 05/2/2010

      Ah Denver … next time you are riding this one with me, ok pal? Thanks for all of the inspiring stuff you bring to my eyeballs each day – I think you are amazing!

  4. 05/1/2010

    Congrats, Cassi! Sarah and I are proud of you. And now that I have my new Casseroll Double, we need to go for a ride. Day 31 or 32, maybe?

    • 05/2/2010

      Heh heh heh … DEFINITELY we are riding! Thanks to you both – and for always taking time to read this mess, Dr. Professor. I think I should just start calling you Dr. Salsa….

  5. 05/2/2010
    Zach Ellerbrook

    Great job, Cassi! National Bike Month starts today. Get pedalin’. 😉

    • 05/2/2010

      YAY for National Bike Month! You bet, my friend … May should be another great 31 days. I know you are headed to Chatt soon; I am afraid we will miss you (off bringing boys home from college). Hope you have fun (and one day I’ll get back to Memphis!) 😀

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