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#330daysofbiking Day 35: night-light bikes

fully illuminated - all lighting in this shot coming from variety of bike lights

The Night Shines.  Yes, it is the name of the boys’ band – but also the little world of the night-time bicycle ride, fully illuminated.

Today was Day 2 of moving kids home from college.  Went to fetch Mason from APSU in Clarksville.  Long day of driving and hauling boxes down several flights of stairs.  Clarksville still showed signs of the recent flooding, but thankfully all of the roads we travelled were trouble-free.  Now that everyone is home, it officially feels like summer.

Arrived home, went out for a family dinner together, good conversation and catching up.  Mason and I decided to head out for (hopefully) the first of many summer rides.  We missed the sun, but decided to deck out the bikes (and ourselves) with a variety of bike lights – from the red Blinky Super Flashes, to my luminous blue Low Down Glow on the Xtracycle, as well as a couple of high-power headlights (including a super-bright NiteRider MiNewt). I was confident that we were very visible – judging by the very wide allowance we were given by the few of cars that passed us.   The night was balmy and lovely – sounds of frogs and crickets everywhere.  Had the road largely to ourselves.  I don’t do it very often, but I love to ride at night – always with an ample assortment of flashing lights and reflective gear.  We didn’t stay out long, but it was great way to say goodnight.

Mason - stopping at the end of the driveway