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#330daysofbiking Day 36: bike jerseys & prom dresses

senior year, prom friends

Today was one of those milestone moments … The Prom.  Dillon and his friends – the class of 2010 – had their last big school event before graduation next week – complete with pretty girls, yards of tulle and sequins, and typical high school goofing around.  They are an amazing group of kids, and it was wonderful to see them celebrating the moment.  I, of course, took a few gazillion pictures …

After the day-long preparation and hoopla, they all left for the big event, and I got to go out for a beautiful evening ride with my college boys, Mason and Ross.  So much fun to ride with them – and they are gracious enough to let me decide the pace.  (Otherwise, I know they would leave me behind in a flash! 😉

No much more to say … just ending the day with a few of the picture moments.

evening ride with the boys

a stop at the old barn

a "senior moment" 😉

Posted by savaconta on May 8, 2010
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