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#330daysofbiking Day 38: I won (??!)

dusk and drizzle ... out with Mason in the magic

Not sure where to begin about the craziness that was today.  Spent most of the day hauling a group of kids to and from HS district tennis tournament, which ended in the rain.  My in-laws arrived for Dillon’s graduation.  And I found out, to my complete surprise, that I had actually “won” the most amazing mention by the folks at Xtracycle – and was in their blog, written by my amazing friend Rick.

Rick and I have had plenty of tweets back an forth over the past few years, lots of goofy photos on twitpic, and he and the folks at Xtracycle have always been so incredibly friendly and helpful and through all of our Xtracycle bike builds, as well as providing endless encouragement and enthusiasm over my own growth in this “bicycling lifestyle” undertaking.  I’m always grateful when he looks at my photos and visits my ramblings here … but I really had no idea I was even being considered for the #30daysofbiking Xtracycle “contest”. So the shock was on me when he contacted me to let me know how much they liked my photos and blog.  Talk about a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart!  So Rick – thanks for the honor!

Ended the fun but crazy day with a dusk ride in the drizzle with Mason – it was the only time we could get out to ride.  Once again, the unexpected proved to be magical.

As we were riding the last stretch toward home – in the dark, lights on, the rain beginning to increase – a lone car passed us, and Mason said to me, “I’ll bet they are thinking we are completely nuts.”

I replied, “Oh probably, but we’re having so much fun, aren’t we?  Or are you going to someday tell your own kids horror stories of how your crazy mother used to take you out riding in the rain and in the dark…?”

To which he said, “Are you kidding?  Of course it’s fun!  If it wasn’t, we could’ve turned around back near the start … it’s totally awesome!”

(He’s definitely his mother’s son :))

always ... cows along the way

A note on this last picture… We passed by a small Baptist cemetery on a road near home, and saw this strange light glowing among the headstones.  Was pretty freaky to see.  We stopped and investigated, and apparently it’s a small solar-powered illuminated angel.  Never knew such a thing existed.  I never would have noticed it without riding by in the dark.

eerie glowing angel in the Baptist cemetery