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#330daysofbiking Day 40: the things we find

graduation "cap"

Tonight was Dillon’s baccalaureate; tomorrow is graduation.  Since the baccalaureate was being held  just up the road from our house, he decided to pack up his cap and gown and ride there on the Big Dummy.  With his tassel on his helmet. I think he was tempted to ride with his gown on as well, but decided it would be too much flap-age. 😉

off to the baccalaureate...

It’s wonderful to see your children finding their place in the world.  People will often ask me if I am sad to see the kids head off to college, and I never think “sad” is the correct adjective.  I will miss having them close, seeing them every day, no doubt.  But the feelings of excitement and gratification to see them moving forward, celebrating their successes, discovering themselves, finding and pursuing their passions … it all eclipses anything approaching “sadness”.

I rode by myself earlier today; Mason wanted a day off.  I think my mind was pre-occupied once again, and my “eyes” felt broken – I had a hard time finding anything to shoot, camera-wise.

The internet can be a crazy place sometimes.  I received an email from a long-lost and very dear friend – someone I had worked with nearly 30 years ago, at a now-extinct software company – who had amazingly, and randomly, come across my blog.  He wrote,

I have been trying to work out the logistics for driving the hybrid less and riding or jogging to work more. Checking out blogs of the like minded Sunday morning I found yours and then I found you.  I’ve heard about this phenomena. An event triggers a flashback and suddenly a person finds himself transported to an earlier time.

And I think that is exactly where my mind was today when I was riding.  Back then, when we worked together and became close friends, I remember him being quite the passionate cyclist – at a time in my life when I wasn’t.  I remember once, while riding, he was hit by a car – badly enough to break his leg.  If I ever imagined someone who would be likely to attempt a cross-continental ride, it would have been him – he was just that kind of person.

Although it can be quite incredible, and even a little unsettling, to be “found” after so many years, it was also pretty wonderful – and brought back some very fond memories.  Youth, energy, office pranks, friends, the city of Chicago …   I had always expected him to go on and pursue his talent in the graphic arts; instead, he has found his place in the world and established a successful non-profit agency serving autistic children and adults in South Carolina.  He still rides his bike.  When needing to drive, he and his wife both drive hybrid cars.  I think he is also working on a windmill farm project in Texas(?) … And as he penned online, “Global Warming. I fixed it.  By accident. You’re welcome.” Which is exactly the type of thing I would expect him to say – and probably why we became such fast friends back then.

So … everyone is finding their way in the world.  It’s a good feeling.  Now if I could just find my eyes….

the only thing I found to shoot on today's ride; evening primroses(?) by the side of the road