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#330daysofbiking Day 41: graduation day

There was a ride today … but the day was not about bikes or biking.  Today was graduation day for Dillon.  And since this is my cyber real estate to squander as I please, today is is about him.  He’s an amazing, kind, considerate, dependable and incredibly talented young man – son, brother, friend, and student. And anyone who knows him will verify that my words are not just parental bias.

High school graduation is always a special milestone, and today was definitely a celebration of Dillon’s hard work over the past four years.  Today he was recognized as Salutatorian of his graduating class, and delivered a moving and articulate speech.  Of course we were teary.  And tremendously proud.  And in awe, really.  But mostly, it was great to see how loved and respected  he is by his classmates, friends and teachers.  It’s been a wonderful journey so far – and it’s barely even begun.

There is so much I could try to say about the love and admiration I have for all of my boys, but I don’t think I would ever be able to find the right words.  So – for now I will just share a few pictures of this amazing and wonderful day…  We love you, Dillon.

Anyone who knows him will say that he is one of the most self-effacing and unpretentious kids you could ever meet - which is what makes this shot so amusing

Dillon & Tim - heel kick in the hall

(And yes - there was actually a brief ride today with the Lens Baby)

Posted by savaconta on May 13, 2010
  1. 05/14/2010

    Congrats to Dillon AND to mom and dad! My HS girls were talking the other day about why some kids get so emotional about graduation, and I said it seemed to me that the girls who cried were the ones who were seeing it as an ending not a beginning. But to me it was the beginning of the rest of my life – a chance to get out and learn about the things I wanted to learn, see the world, etc. So nothing to be sad about there.

    So good luck on your new journey, Dillon, and congrats!

    • 05/16/2010

      Jenn – thanks, and I am in total agreement; it IS just the beginning!

  2. 05/15/2010

    Congrats Dillon!

    Good job Mom and Dad!

    Very very cool.

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