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#330daysofbiking Day 42: rain and a baseball

found an old baseball by the side of the road

I didn’t ride yesterday. 😦  Too much going on.  Today our visiting family headed back home, and I got out for a short ride in the evening … in between some rain and thunderstorms that were rolling through the area.  The rain was not so bad, but I was barely away from the house when I began seeing lightning and very dark clouds – conditions I wasn’t too thrilled to be out in.  As I approached a local baseball field just up the road, I spotted a lone baseball that had made it’s way on to the shoulder of the road.  I stopped to pick it up, and decided to just ride up to the field-house to watch the sky a little closer and decide what I wanted to do.

Took a few pictures of the sky and the deserted dugouts.  But the weather was just looking a bit too unsafe to stay out in … so I decided to head back home.  Not so sure I made the right call – the storm never did get really bad, although our power was out briefly this evening.  Oh well.  Some days you just strike out.

gathering storm clouds

deserted dug-out ... had the weather worsened, I could have taken cover (complete with extra helmets) 😉

Posted by savaconta on May 15, 2010
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