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#330daysofbiking Day 43: more rain

creek crossing

I should have gotten groceries by bike today, but I didn’t.  You can call me lazy.

Mark and I headed to town for several errands – trip to hardware store, Tractor Supply, and the grocery store.  Maybe we could‘ve hauled everything on the two Xtracycles, but two 50-lb bags of cracked corn for the ducks wouldn’t have been fun in a downpour.  So we opted out.  Or rather, opted for the car. #Fail.

Once again, just a rather abbreviated ride late in the day – solo.  Wet roads and mist, and everything very green.  Cows, of course (but I refrained from more cow pictures).  Stopped on a little bridge that crosses Bigsby Creek, just to take a look…

Bigsby Creek

Posted by savaconta on May 16, 2010
  1. 05/16/2010

    nice HDR on the creek pic! You make me almost want to be a country girl. Almost. 🙂

    • 05/17/2010

      Thanks Jenn … So does this mean I can’t interest you in a goat or two? (heh heh…)

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