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#330daysofbiking Day 46: prickly

I've seen these growing several places around here - never realized TN was cactus country...(?)

Today was officially the last day of school for the rest of the kids – those who haven’t yet graduated.  Finals are over, summer is officially here, and apparently the boys felt like celebrating by inviting their friends over for a night of music (band practice) and all-night video game marathon.  Nine or ten 16-19 year olds, two gaming systems, and a rock band on the side.  Oh. Yay.  😉

Seriously, all of their friends are great – fun, respectful, friendly.  And like most teenage boys, boisterous and pretty lively.   Seems like our house has turned into the hang-out location … which is completely fine most of the time.   Maybe I’ve just had my fill of visitors and people in the house over the past two weeks, but I really felt a need to get away by myself  (and give my ears a rest from the decibel level).  Feeling a little prickly?  Maybe.  Anyway, a nice long ride was the perfect prescription.

Came across a bed of cacti along the way – about the only photos I took for the day.  I’ve seen them growing in the area, and don’t know exactly what type they are – but who knew they could even grow in TN?

I think for now I will go hide out in my room, with maybe a book or a movie… and a good set of earplugs.

Posted by savaconta on May 19, 2010
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