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#330daysofbiking Day 50: the conversation in my head

Today was errand riding.  Stop at the bank, ship a package to CA, some shopping at Le Target, a visit to the jeweler for watch batteries.  And the treat of a much-needed pedicure.  Commuter bike, riding in flip flops, ridiculously high temperatures.  Sweat.

The conversation in my head today was about living deliberately.  I am sure someone, somewhere, has published a book(s) on the subject.  I’ve been thinking a lot about decision-making, about daily choices, about direction.  Sometime within the past year or so, I read a list of points someone had come up with that was fairly though-provoking – and while I’m on my bike I’ve often remembered them (and apologize that I can’t remember who penned them).  Today was one of those days.  Somehow I find them as relevant to life on a bicycle as they are to just … life.

The conversation in my head:

Deal with the past.  (Me:) Mistakes happen, on life and on a bicycle.  Learn from them, accept them, move forward, find a new route.  If you crash, get back in the saddle.  Carry rain gear and a spare tube.

Take stock and discover who you are. Rejoice in your victories, no matter how small.  Celebrate getting up that big hill, or riding home in the rain, or just riding farther/longer than you could last week.  What are you doing in your life that is working, bringing happiness?  What isn’t?  Don’t be afraid to make changes or try new things.

Have fun and don’t forget to play. Put a bell on your handlebars.  Ride for ice cream.  Ride with friends.  Ride in the dark (with lights).  Be a kid again.  (But wear a helmet.)

Know the present. Stop, look and listen – at intersections, and everywhere else in your life.  Enjoy the very spot where you are, rather than thinking about what might be over the next big hill.  Be here, not there.

Love it all. Love the people in your life – your partner, your children, your parents, your friends.  Yourself.  The guy in the truck who stopped and didn’t turn in front of you.  The cows that are looking at you as you ride by.  Love your bike.  Love your life – love the ride.

And so ends my  (lame) philosphy-by-bicycle … I got the errands run, anyway. 😉

errands ... via iPhone & Hipstamatic