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#330daysofbiking Day 51: towards the sun

"... Though I'm not yet gone, I'm still not here" (Alexi Murdoch)

Some days, some sights … I just cannot find the words.  There are only pictures.  And even the images from the camera can never quite compare with being there. Xtracycle, twilight, the “golden hour”, pink clouds.  Magic.

There is a beautiful song by Alexi Murdoch that was playing while I was taking it all in – along with the photos, it’s all I really can share.  Next time, you need to just be there with me…

Towards the Sun … Alexi Murdoch

See the clouds are creeping towards the sun

And I’m slipping away unseen by anyone

The light is turning gray, the day is done

The water is so cold and heavy on my mind

I dreamed of walking with you but I fell behind

Looking for a road I could not find

Now the ice is stirring and spring is near

There is no one calling but the sound is clear

Though I’m not yet gone, I’m still not here

the golden hour ... and a rainbow

twilight pink