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#330daysofbiking Day 56: deliverance

Hey! My handlebar plug is missing?! :-0

Today’s big accomplishments:

  • got out and back before the rains came
  • saved another turtle from certain road peril (or at least I convinced myself that I did)
  • got a new kayak(!) ­čśÇ

I moved him ... hopefully in the direction he intended to go

Mark and I got out this morning for a ride – before the rains came. ┬áPassed a box turtle sitting in the road, not moving. ┬áWhy do they do this? ┬áThe warmth? ┬áJust taking their time? ┬áDeciding direction? ┬áI do not know – but of course I was compelled to deliver him out of harm’s way, and hopefully a little closer to wherever he was headed.

A slight sprinkle on the last mile before home, but nothing like the deluge than came later. ┬áI think I start making Mark crazy with all of my stopping ┬áMove a turtle, a picture here, a picture there. ┬áMore flowers. (What can I say? They are eye-catching, they’re everywhere … and yes, they appeal to my girlie side.)

Headed to Chattanooga in the afternoon, looking for a new kayak for the river this summer. ┬áManaged to find a nice little boat, nothing fancy – a sit-upon model designed for fishing, which I think will really suit me well for managing camera gear, etc. ┬áLooking forward to peaceful evening paddles, wildlife watching … and hopefully no banjo music. ­čśë

... and more flowers (sigh)