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#330daysofbiking Day 56: deliverance

Hey! My handlebar plug is missing?! :-0

Today’s big accomplishments:

  • got out and back before the rains came
  • saved another turtle from certain road peril (or at least I convinced myself that I did)
  • got a new kayak(!) 😀

I moved him ... hopefully in the direction he intended to go

Mark and I got out this morning for a ride – before the rains came.  Passed a box turtle sitting in the road, not moving.  Why do they do this?  The warmth?  Just taking their time?  Deciding direction?  I do not know – but of course I was compelled to deliver him out of harm’s way, and hopefully a little closer to wherever he was headed.

A slight sprinkle on the last mile before home, but nothing like the deluge than came later.  I think I start making Mark crazy with all of my stopping  Move a turtle, a picture here, a picture there.  More flowers. (What can I say? They are eye-catching, they’re everywhere … and yes, they appeal to my girlie side.)

Headed to Chattanooga in the afternoon, looking for a new kayak for the river this summer.  Managed to find a nice little boat, nothing fancy – a sit-upon model designed for fishing, which I think will really suit me well for managing camera gear, etc.  Looking forward to peaceful evening paddles, wildlife watching … and hopefully no banjo music. 😉

... and more flowers (sigh)

Posted by savaconta on May 30, 2010
  1. 05/30/2010

    Just move ’em in the direction they’re headed…they know where they’re goin’.

    Lovin’ your posts. ❤

  2. 05/31/2010
    Todd Peralla

    Recently I saw a big turtle on the main (and very busy) highway near our home. It was rush hour. He was straddling the double yellow line and would never make it to either shoulder alive. I embarrassed my wife to death by coming to a stop, purposely blocking traffic in both directions. I thought I could just hop out and grab him but he retreated from me under my car. It only took a couple seconds to catch him but traffic was piling up (no one honked). I made my wife hold him until we got to a safe place to release him. My wife has to put up with a lot.

    • 05/31/2010

      I always knew you were a good man, Todd … despite all the things Phil used to say about you. 😛 (You get the crazy award. I am SO laughing.)

  3. 06/1/2010

    Looking forward to the kayak pics. I’ve had mine out 3 of last 7 days. Dagger Backwater… love it! Sunscreen would have been good, however 🙂 Happy paddling.

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