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#330daysofbiking Day 37: cinderella for the day

Mason's Roubaix, a la Lens Baby

Today was Mother’s Day.  I loved this weekend.  Everybody home, I was treated like a queen. The guys took care of all of the yardwork, the laundry, the dishwashing, and even brought me delicious lattes each morning.  They even took care of sorting through and storing all of the “dorm stuff” recently brought home – which was quite a pile.  Spoiled, yes I was!  And loving every minute.  It was just so nice to be able to kick back and do some of the things I wanted to do, and not have to worry about the things I should be doing.  So –  Mark (especially) and boys (if you are reading), it was wonderful treat and a perfect Mother’s Day gift, and I thank you! 😀

Other perk of the day was getting to ride with the boys again, and playing around with the camera – and Lens Baby.  Kind of an odd thing to work with, and a pretty definite learning curve – or a who-knows-what-you-will-get surprise.  .

The boys and I took another late ride, not very far from home.  Mason decided to take a detour and added on a few miles, but Ross and I just pedaled together, chatted, and looked at cows.   Played with the camera of course – and since I was still in cinderella mode, the boys were very accomodating and let me mess around with some biking shots.   The temperatures were pretty cool today – a change from the past week – but beautiful for riding.

So, it’s nearing midnight and I guess my reign is over … Great while it lasted!

Lens Baby randomness

my Lens Baby "babies" 😉

#330daysofbiking Day 36: bike jerseys & prom dresses

senior year, prom friends

Today was one of those milestone moments … The Prom.  Dillon and his friends – the class of 2010 – had their last big school event before graduation next week – complete with pretty girls, yards of tulle and sequins, and typical high school goofing around.  They are an amazing group of kids, and it was wonderful to see them celebrating the moment.  I, of course, took a few gazillion pictures …

After the day-long preparation and hoopla, they all left for the big event, and I got to go out for a beautiful evening ride with my college boys, Mason and Ross.  So much fun to ride with them – and they are gracious enough to let me decide the pace.  (Otherwise, I know they would leave me behind in a flash! 😉

No much more to say … just ending the day with a few of the picture moments.

evening ride with the boys

a stop at the old barn

a "senior moment" 😉

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#330daysofbiking Day 35: night-light bikes

fully illuminated - all lighting in this shot coming from variety of bike lights

The Night Shines.  Yes, it is the name of the boys’ band – but also the little world of the night-time bicycle ride, fully illuminated.

Today was Day 2 of moving kids home from college.  Went to fetch Mason from APSU in Clarksville.  Long day of driving and hauling boxes down several flights of stairs.  Clarksville still showed signs of the recent flooding, but thankfully all of the roads we travelled were trouble-free.  Now that everyone is home, it officially feels like summer.

Arrived home, went out for a family dinner together, good conversation and catching up.  Mason and I decided to head out for (hopefully) the first of many summer rides.  We missed the sun, but decided to deck out the bikes (and ourselves) with a variety of bike lights – from the red Blinky Super Flashes, to my luminous blue Low Down Glow on the Xtracycle, as well as a couple of high-power headlights (including a super-bright NiteRider MiNewt). I was confident that we were very visible – judging by the very wide allowance we were given by the few of cars that passed us.   The night was balmy and lovely – sounds of frogs and crickets everywhere.  Had the road largely to ourselves.  I don’t do it very often, but I love to ride at night – always with an ample assortment of flashing lights and reflective gear.  We didn’t stay out long, but it was great way to say goodnight.

Mason - stopping at the end of the driveway

#330daysofbiking Day 34: nosy

visit with one of my nosy neighbors

Long day of travel – and sadly not by bicycle.  Headed up to Johnson City to move Ross out of his dorm and back home for the summer.  Hard to believe his first year of college is over.  Tomorrow we get to do the same thing all over again – trekking to Clarksville to move Mason. Unfortunately, Clarksville sits on the banks of the Cumberland River, and was one of the towns badly hit by recent flooding.  Talking to Mason this week, everything was fine at school, but large parts of the downtown area were under water … could be an interesting trip tomorrow.

Got home in time to take a brief spin close to home, just before sunset.  Long or short, each ride manages to have its own defining moments.  Tonight’s was a stop near a neighbor’s pasture.  I had wanted to shoot the landscape in the “golden hour” as the sun was setting.  A couple of horses and this great mule came up to investigate my bike.  I think he was attracted to the red blinkies?  He ended up nosing the bike right over – but no harm done.  Mostly, it made me laugh.  I never did capture the sunset, but had fun with the animals – as usual (seems to be how it frequently ends up with me lately ;).  Oh well.

sidewalk flowers

good-bye dorm life (Ross)

#330daysofbiking Days 32 & 33: friends and family

riding with friends; Jeff & Sarah, and Jeff's beautiful new Salsa Casseroll

Crazy time of year.  Endless stream of end-of-school-year events and activities, family visiting from out of town… all things I enjoy and cherish, but sometimes I just wish they didn’t  have to happen all at once.

I squeezed in a very brief road ride on Sunday (officially Day 32 – no pics), as the rains were moving out and before heading to the airport to pick up visiting relatives.  No riding on Monday and Tuesday; spent time with family, headed to the tennis courts for last matches of the season, and attended Jazz Band concert at the HS.   It felt kind of strange to be off of the bike for those two days … but there are some things that just can’t be missed.

Earlier today, we said our goodbyes to departing family, and friends Jeff and Sarah came out to the house in the afternoon.  Jeff just got a wonderful new bicycle – a Salsa Casseroll.  I had been anxious to see it – a stunning bike, down to every small detail – and I was anxious to get back on my own bike.  So we headed out for a nice road ride together; relaxing, fun, laughter.  Such great company, a beautiful day,  a wonderful ride.

It may sound selfish, but it felt great to get out and have some time to do something for myself – even for just an hour or two.  Almost like re-fueling for the week ahead. I love being there for my boys, and with my family, and I wouldn’t miss these milestone moments for anything – but a little dose of open space, a little breathing room, a little fresh air can really restore some inner balance.

beautiful day, beautiful ride, beautiful bike - Jeff's new Salsa Casseroll

I ❤ the chili pepper! 😉

conversations with holsteins (day 31) ;)

drooling over my camera (literally) 😉

And just when you thought I was all done …….

Apparently out of habit I had to ride today.  A little bit rainy, but again – there were rewards.  Some great conversations with Holsteins along the way.  Nice little ride before all of the bad weather moves in.  I don’t know why I have such a fascination with these cows, but they are so sweet and gentle, I just can’t help myself.

up close and personal

the Cow Chronicles continue ... Day 31

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