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#330daysofbiking Day 59: grateful

good night, bike

Once again, the best opportunity to ride was in the evening.  The sun was setting over my next door neighbor’s hilly field, and I just ” saw” my bike on the crest.

Today was a very fine day … not so much the biking (although it was lovely), but being embraced by some like-minded friends.  Inspiring exchanges with some great people in the cycling community – people who have such a great positive outlook on the cycling lifestyle, sharing the joy, advocating through enthusiasm … all of the stuff I love and admire and strive to be a part of in my own small way.

My friend Darryl at LovingtheBike invited me to be a part of the conversation – with a gracious mention in his June Look Who’s Loving the Bike page today, in the company of some other amazing cyclists and bloggers, including Ryan Van Duzer and his cross-country journey on a 3-speed (this is a must-watch video). 😀

I am especially enthusiastic about what Darryl is doing at LovingtheBike – there is something for everybody, and the content is always delivered in a positive, fun (and sometimes funny) way. One of my favorite posts is The Cyclist’s Wife … it is perfect!  Mostly, his site captures his attitude and excitement about cycling, his love of life and his family – and is such a great platform for spreading The Love.  I’m a fan – I hope you are too.   (And thanks again, Darryl, for letting me join in the fun!)

The other bike-y stuff of my day …. did some initial experimenting with the new boat and the Xtracycle.  Have to confess, this is looking a little sketchy.  The depth/shape of the hull on the new boat is fairly different from our old beater boat, and although I managed to get it loaded and pedal a short distance, I’m not convinced I have the pedal- and front tire clearance I need to safely take her out on the road. The X can haul virtually anything … and I’m not ready to give it up, but some additional adjustments may be called for.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is almost here.  Still loving the bike … with or without the kayak on board.

Xtracycle + kayak = bikayak

loving the ... bikayak(?)

Posted by savaconta on June 2, 2010
  1. 06/3/2010

    Wow….I came here tonight to read another great post from you and never expected to see me and my site being honored. What a beautiful surprise. Thank you….and as you know, the feeling is absolutely mutual.

    Yeah, Duzer is a definite view. He’s awesome. We all definitely have to hook up together….and soon.

    I totally love the picture of the bikayak…..those bikes never cease to amaze me.

    If you’re even half the fan of my site as I am of yours….I’m a lucky blogger.


    • 06/3/2010

      D – I think we’ve started a mutual admiration society, LOL! Yes, we will meet up – bikes, cameras and goats in hand! 😀

  2. 06/3/2010

    Looks like you need a third wheel…lol. I like the concept–bikayak. hmmm….future olympic sport?

  3. 06/3/2010

    One of the blogs I follow is that of a bike shop owner. He has something he calls a Big Dummy that he uses to haul things around town. I think the Big Dummy is about the same thing you have. Thought I would send you a link to his post about hauling his canoe – even though it may be stuff you already know it’s fun to read his post.


    • 06/3/2010

      Thanks, Myrna! A great link …. thank you so much, and he’s got a great trailer setup. Which is what I’m leaning toward – found basically a set of wheels that will feed through the scupper holes; our kayaks are shorter and lighter than that canoe! He is awesome!. My bike is a Surly Long Haul Trucker Xtracycle (conversion), but my husband has a Big Dummy. Love those bikes! Happy riding to you, and glad we connected!

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