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#330daysofbiking Day 60: away we go

2 Xtracycles, 2 people, 3 days of biking fun

So I guess today officially counts as #30daysofbiking (times) 2 … Day 60!

Only a very brief ride today.  No paddling, no long road ride, no trip to town – just a quick spin on the Xtracycle and a day of digging out camping gear and packing up for a weekend bikamping trip.  Hoping the weather will cooperate; scattered showers in the forecast.  Fingers crossed.

Mark and I are heading down along the Tennessee River – Harrison Bay and surrounding places.  Should be fun – and not a difficult trip home if the weather becomes too wet.  Taking camera(s) – of course – and looking forward to a few days of new scenery, new things to see.  I will not have a computer or way to post, although considering trying mobile WordPress on the iPhone.  Maybe.  More likely, my updates for days 61 through 63 will show up by Monday.

Now just trying to figure out appropriate sacrifice to the weather gods ….. (see you in a few!) 😀

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Posted by savaconta on June 3, 2010
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  1. 06/4/2010

    take your rain gear – it always rains on me when I don’t take it

    enjoy 8)

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