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#330daysofbiking Day 64: back to crazyland

(I will let you come up with a caption for this one)

This was exactly the expression on my face upon seeing how much laundry had piled up over my weekend away. 😉  I should have kept on riding…

One of those Mondays … more than enough to do around the house, youngest son Grant starting his “job” (volunteering) as a junior instructor at the local tennis camp, groceries to get, vegetables to be picked.  And, of course, a few goats in need of haircuts and manicures.  I am very proficient at coming up with lists of things that need to be done – and much less proficient at actually getting the stuff done.  Today was no exception.

Today’s ride was a quick trip to the jeweler’s for some new watch batteries and a repair.  My road bike has been in the shop (front derailleur “surgery”), and is ready to be picked up, but I just couldn’t get there today; food and clean clothes had to come first.   Got a few things done, at least – including the brief ride.  Like the Xtracycle motto – the “everyday adventures” always manage to sustain me, make my day complete and purposeful.  Happier, calmer; a little less crazyland.

Looking at my to-do list, still feeling a little bit like Hershey, the goat, tho … 😉