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#330daysofbiking Day 67: rain and the river

crossing the inlet

crossing the inlet

It was a beautiful morning … and I should have taken better advantage of it.  The day started out picture-perfect – sun was shining, temperatures were not so warm.  Expected the rest of the day to be more of the same, so I spent the morning catching up with a few things at home, figuring I would have all afternoon to ride.  My mistake. I guess timing is everything (that, and not bothering to look at weather forecasts).

Shortly after noon, dark clouds began rolling in and the rains came.  Thunderstorms, winds, and even a few pieces of hail.  In between showers, the heat and humidity were smothering.  Kind of wanted to kick myself for waiting. Finally got out in the evening and headed towards the Hiwassee River, just up the road.  Reached the bridge and inlets just as the sun was beginning to drop, spreading its last rays over the water.  Sounds of frogs along the banks, several herons overhead.  It was beautiful.  Maybe my timing wasn’t so bad, after all?

Posted by savaconta on June 10, 2010
  1. 06/11/2010

    As always, I am leaving your site feeling upbeat, happy, and calm. Your true personality sure has a great way of shining through your posts….even if it is a rainy day over there.

    Next year, I am going to make sure your blog gets in for the running on Crank Listed. I love it.


    • 06/11/2010

      D … Let me say, that having you read, comment, our twitter exchanges, the sharing of the falafel recipe ;)), etc., – it’s the *best* honor I could ever receive! C

  2. 06/11/2010

    Nope, sounds like your timing was perfect. Am still thinking of peas, and dreaming of sake. I think the recipe calls for a bit more sake though…. in a little cup? Makes the knitting go more smoothly….perhaps a bit uneven, and the needles are a bit more dangerous with the sake, but it’s still enjoyable. Love the colors of the gloves, pal


    • 06/11/2010

      You and I pal … next time I’m visiting, break out the sake (or maybe the local wine). And I am sending the gloves to you to finish. In the mail now. (heh heh). Gotta catch up; you know how summer is. Talk soon!

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