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#330daysofbiking Days 69 & 70: pedal, paddle, pedal…

beautiful endless stretch of road ... riding with Dillon

Summer days.  Sometimes they are so fun-filled and action-packed it feels like we are moving 90-mph in our 35-mph lives … And so I missed posting yesterday, and will have to make this post a double-feature. LOL.


Had a great ride with Dillon on Saturday.  It was hot; mid-90’s, very humid.   I took it easy out there, drinking plenty, taking my sweet time – as always.  At this point, all of the boys can really out-ride/out-pace/out-climb me … but they are still nice enough to ride with me, waiting for me to slog my way up the hills.  We always have fun – they never fail to make me laugh over something.   The day’s fun was getting squirted with his water bottle while I was trying to get a photo … which just happened to feel quite  wonderful in the heat.

you cannot tell, but I was being squirted by a water bottle while trying to shoot this...

Today, Mark and I started the day with a quick trip to the river.  Finally had the new boat out for a paddle – and it was fantastic! I think this is going to be the perfect boat for me; stable, light, and great deck/storage for easy access to everything from my water bottle to my camera.  I think I am also going to be able to haul it  easily by bike very soon – getting a small scupper-hole cart/set of wheels, and plan to tow behind the Xtracycle.

very happy with the new boat - can you tell?! 🙂

met another couple out paddling - with their cute pup, Chavelle, on board (please tell me that I don't have to start bringing the goats along?!)

Came home, and Mark headed off to the airport for another week of out-of-town business.  After dinner, I headed out for a solo evening ride.  It was a peaceful and beautiful ending to a weekend of small adventures, fun.

When I thought about what I wanted to write tonight as I was riding, it kind of occurred to me – what do all of these things mean?  The pedaling, the paddling, the pictures … very likely, a whole lot of nothing to anyone else – but so much to me.

I had a conversation with a friend recently – talking about how “to live”.  About all of the time we spend maintaining our lives (jobs, school, family, home, daily “stuff”), versus how much time we are actually living … Is there really a difference, or is it just the same thing?  I’m not entirely sure, and even though there cannot really be one without the other, I believe there is a difference.  I like to think that my boys, my family, won’t look back and remember how many times I washed their dirty socks, or how well I dressed or mowed the lawn … but that they will remember the times we rode together, or skied together, or paddled together, or laughed together, or had our goofy adventures together.  To me, these are the times we are living; aware of each other, enjoying each other, being with each other.

It is a good thing – to live. It is even better to be living.

So pedal (or paddle) on……….

tonight's ride ... the road home


Posted by savaconta on June 14, 2010
  1. 06/14/2010

    Amazing pictures! I love it, I am just getting into cycling and love it. The boat pics are darling.

    • 06/14/2010

      Thank you, Lindsay … welcome to cycling, and thanks for stopping by. Happy pedaling!!

  2. 06/14/2010

    Looking good girl on that new boat! And yes, you seem happy indeed!
    Chavelle sure is a cutie!
    Your pics, like always, capture the beauty of your surroundings.

    • 06/14/2010

      Thanks, Mari-jo … hope things are looking brighter and that you’re feeling well on the bike; am sure you will have a great racing season. 🙂 C

  3. 06/14/2010

    You need a Brompton so you can tow the boat, then row the bike! Someday I’ll get a kayak and do that.

    • 06/14/2010

      I thought you said I could borrow yours? 😉 Also – did you show me a photo of a pedal-powered kayak last year? Did you ever get one?

  4. 07/4/2010

    Cassi — this is such a great post it’s taken me 2 weeks to respond. I’m drafting a “Things I must do before summer is over” list… inspired by this post and today’s… for blog material soon. Thanks! Enjoy your summer 🙂

  5. 07/20/2010

    Absolutely! I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference, too. I’m trying to be more conscious of how I choose to spend my time and doing the things that make me happy, instead of the things society pressures me to do.

    Gorgeous photos!

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