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#330daysofbiking Day 72: heat and thunder


Weather continues to be hot and stifling.  Heat index peaked today at about 100’F.  Basically miserable.

Today I played catch-up at home, after the past few days of fun and games on the river and elsewhere.  Took a very quick errand ride in the late morning – which convinced me that I didn’t want to be on the bike again until it cooled off, hopefully by evening.  As the pattern goes, the heat builds and builds throughout the day, culminating in big thunderstorms complete with wind and torrential rains.  So it was again this afternoon, lingering into dusk.  Right now it feels like some Amazonian rainforest out there – steam rising from the pond, the ground, the pavement.  I gave it up for the day; the errand ride will have to do.

grapevine tendrils in the rain