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#330daysofbiking Day 73: day of girl

bike, skirt, pink pedicure

Day of much “girliness”.  Swam in the early morning, went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, and then rode errands and pampered my feet and toes with a pedicure.  Pink.  🙂

Some days I really love just riding around in a skirt and “girl clothes”.  A slower pace, for sure, and there is a certain skill involved  – the right skirt, the ability to keep it from blowing around too much – but I love the feeling of a skirt swishing against my legs as I pedal, and arriving places looking more feminine than, well … athletic?  I know the two can go hand in hand, but typical bike apparel – shorts, tights, etc. – just doesn’t have the quite same feeling, especially when I’m running around town on errands. And as one of my twitter friends said, “we work hard for these legs, sometimes it’s nice to show them off in a dress (skirt).”  LOL.

Came home and took some photos of some little white butterflies that have been hanging around the flowers off of our front porch.  Good grief.  Next thing you know, I’ll be posting rainbows, unicorns and My Pretty Ponies ….. (time to take the skirt off.)

flowers and butterflies ... oh brother 😛

Posted by savaconta on June 16, 2010
  1. 06/17/2010

    It’s good to have some “girl” time and pink toenails make everyone happy 🙂
    I want to get one of those biking skirts with the shorts hidden underneath. I once biked in a running skirt and liked it! I have yet to try biking in a real skirt, though. I’ll put it on my list of must dos.

    Love the pictures – the pretty feet with the bike tire is a cool image and I do like butterflies. I wish I could take pictures like yours. They are wonderful!

    Please go ahead and post pictures of rainbows and unicorns. But if you end up posting pictures of My Pretty Pony, well, uh, I might get a little worried 😉

    • 06/17/2010

      Exactly, M! Some days you just have to be pink… 😉 And yep – the skirt in the picture had the hidden shorts actually. Didn’t want some Marilyn Monroe moment, lol! Thanks on the pictures – I always love the ones in your blog.

  2. 06/17/2010

    I’m sure I’ve said this to you before, but there’s just something about your posts that calm my spirit. I really mean that. I read a lot of different blogs and yours is the only one that gives me this type of feeling….and I need more of this in my life. It seems like my life has been going full speed in a million different directions lately, but during the time I’m here at your site it all just seems to slow down. I love that.
    You’ve really got something special here.


    • 06/18/2010

      Aw, thanks D! Yeah, I figure I’m on track to be kind of a bicycle-blogging Jack Johnson type … barefoot, laid back, and barely moving. Ha! Hope you had a really great birthday – with birthday cake?! And I’m sure there were lots of hugs from your beautiful family :). Excited to hear about your relocation plans – YAY!

      • 06/18/2010

        I’m in agreement with Darryl. Your blog is a peaceful place to visit. I think the pictures are a part of what makes it so.

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