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#330daysofbiking Day 77: the fatherhood road

beautiful world

Happy Father’s Day.  Rode today with the best father of all … my husband, Mark.  Father of our four amazing boys, beloved husband, friend, and my favorite riding companion.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that it has been nearly 20 years since Mark began his ride on the road of fatherhood; it’s been a beautiful journey, filled with challenges, but abundant with rewards.  Together we have raised four fine young men – beautiful, smart, fun (and funny), talented, compassionate, kind, loving.  The years, like the miles, have flown by so quickly, and Mark has always guided the way, provided direction, inspiration, guidance and love.  He has known when to push, and also known when to let them find their own way.  He has been the finest of teachers, and the best of listeners.  He has always been there with encouragement and support – even when life’s hills loomed big.  He’s been a parent, but also a friend – a very tricky line to navigate.  There is no one else I could have imagined taking this ride with …

We rode together today, a picturesque route past fields, rolling hills and along the river.  For me it was a reflection and a reminder of how beautiful our lives are.  Nothing worthwhile comes without effort, practice and patience – whether it is parenting or cycling – but it’s an incredible journey, and I’m glad we are riding it together.

my riding companion, my life partner... Mark

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#330daysofbiking Days 75 & 76: water to water

in the pool, first light (Dillon)

Sometimes, my posting is like way I ride hills … lagging behind.

Yesterday I began the day with an early morning swim with Dillon.  Came home to pick up the rest of the crew, and the boys and I headed to Chattanooga.  Mason and the Governor’s School group were coming into the city on a trip to visit the UTC SimCenter (because that’s their idea of good times and excitement, lol)  – and we decided to meet him for lunch and a quick visit.  It was brief, but I think he was happy to see all of us … and likewise.

Enjoyed some good conversation about the Tour de Suisse, some geeky physics jokes (which were basically over my head), and a review of this years’ crop of Governor’s School kids – impressive as always.  And when I mentioned to Mason that I missed riding with him, he responded in his typical manner, “Yeah, I miss riding with someone who’s a lot slower than me …”  I, of course, hit him for that one.

Chattanooga: bicycles, Matt, Dillon

Came home and got out for a ride … into town for a haircut.  That was the extent of it.  😛 No camera, no pictures; just taking care of business. By bike.

Today it rained for a while, but fortunately the weather cooled off a bit.  When it started to clear in late afternoon, Mark and I decided to head to the river for a paddle.  I wanted to ride, so Mark hauled the boats and let me go by bicycle.

Spent a couple hours out on the water, exploring a few new stretches of shoreline.  Rumbles of thunder in the distance, but beautiful skies and very comfortable temperatures.  Fish were jumping everywhere, herons overhead.  Spotted a beautiful Kingfisher, but couldn’t catch him by camera.  Paddled back to the landing in the golden twilight.  Rode home as the sky was turning pink.  Perfect.