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#330daysofbiking Day 80: strokes

Swim strokes.  Pedal strokes.   The Strokes (as in the band).  Heh.

Started the day out with swimming strokes.  Early morning at the pool, the first swim this week … but good to be back in the water.

Ended with pedal strokes.  And a considerable amount of goofing off on the Xtracycle … the bike that always brings out the kid in me.  We have a lot of “Old” roads around here; Old Freewill Road, Old This Road, Old That Road.  Basically little sections of road that had once been a main road, but have since been bypassed by a newer, bigger, improved versions.  More often than not, there is virtually no one using the Old roads, except for the few locals who live along them.  And me.  I like to ride them, just because they are less travelled, rarely any cars.

So tonight, out on my ride on one of the Old roads, The Strokes’ song, The Modern Age was playing in my head … and there was not a car in any direction.  And I was on the Xtracycle.  So I find myself riding my bike like a kid, up on the pedals, swerving back and forth like on a pretend slalom course, singing out loud at the top of my lungs:

Up on a hill, here’s where we begin. this little story … Oh in the sunshine having fun, it’s in my blood, I just can’t help it … Let me go go go go go go go….!

Thankfully, I think only the cows heard me.

pedal strokes ... somewhere near the site of the slalom-and-sing episode (be thankful I don't take video)

swim strokes (no singing)

Posted by savaconta on June 25, 2010
  1. 06/26/2010

    I was wondering if the urge to burst out in song happened in the pool too, but then I caught the caption on your last picture.

    I’ve been caught singing along to my iPod when I’m out on a casual ride. It seems to generate a lot of laughter. Just doing my part to ease the tensions on crowded city streets. 😀

    • 06/26/2010

      Oh… I really want to ride with you now! 😀 Figuring with our duets, we could clear the streets – LOL! (Glad I am in good company!)

  2. 06/28/2010

    I can hear the neighbors now…”there goes that kid again!” You go girl (and I wish I could have seen you…..)


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