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#330daysofbiking Day 60: away we go

2 Xtracycles, 2 people, 3 days of biking fun

So I guess today officially counts as #30daysofbiking (times) 2 … Day 60!

Only a very brief ride today.  No paddling, no long road ride, no trip to town – just a quick spin on the Xtracycle and a day of digging out camping gear and packing up for a weekend bikamping trip.  Hoping the weather will cooperate; scattered showers in the forecast.  Fingers crossed.

Mark and I are heading down along the Tennessee River – Harrison Bay and surrounding places.  Should be fun – and not a difficult trip home if the weather becomes too wet.  Taking camera(s) – of course – and looking forward to a few days of new scenery, new things to see.  I will not have a computer or way to post, although considering trying mobile WordPress on the iPhone.  Maybe.  More likely, my updates for days 61 through 63 will show up by Monday.

Now just trying to figure out appropriate sacrifice to the weather gods ….. (see you in a few!) 😀

today's unexpected visitors

#330daysofbiking Day 59: grateful

good night, bike

Once again, the best opportunity to ride was in the evening.  The sun was setting over my next door neighbor’s hilly field, and I just ” saw” my bike on the crest.

Today was a very fine day … not so much the biking (although it was lovely), but being embraced by some like-minded friends.  Inspiring exchanges with some great people in the cycling community – people who have such a great positive outlook on the cycling lifestyle, sharing the joy, advocating through enthusiasm … all of the stuff I love and admire and strive to be a part of in my own small way.

My friend Darryl at LovingtheBike invited me to be a part of the conversation – with a gracious mention in his June Look Who’s Loving the Bike page today, in the company of some other amazing cyclists and bloggers, including Ryan Van Duzer and his cross-country journey on a 3-speed (this is a must-watch video). 😀

I am especially enthusiastic about what Darryl is doing at LovingtheBike – there is something for everybody, and the content is always delivered in a positive, fun (and sometimes funny) way. One of my favorite posts is The Cyclist’s Wife … it is perfect!  Mostly, his site captures his attitude and excitement about cycling, his love of life and his family – and is such a great platform for spreading The Love.  I’m a fan – I hope you are too.   (And thanks again, Darryl, for letting me join in the fun!)

The other bike-y stuff of my day …. did some initial experimenting with the new boat and the Xtracycle.  Have to confess, this is looking a little sketchy.  The depth/shape of the hull on the new boat is fairly different from our old beater boat, and although I managed to get it loaded and pedal a short distance, I’m not convinced I have the pedal- and front tire clearance I need to safely take her out on the road. The X can haul virtually anything … and I’m not ready to give it up, but some additional adjustments may be called for.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is almost here.  Still loving the bike … with or without the kayak on board.

Xtracycle + kayak = bikayak

loving the ... bikayak(?)

#330daysofbiking Day 58: rain and red skies

red skies

Some days I go out and think – “Today, I need a change of scenery …”  Not of barns and cows and thistles – something else.  And then I end up along the same (beautiful) road and I am rendered speechless by some incredible sight.  As if someone was trying to tell me I was completely foolish for wanting to see anything else.  And so it was tonight.  A crimson sky after a day of rain.

You would think I’d have learned my lesson already, wouldn’t you?

A lot of rain today.  No paddling in the new boat.   Had to take the boys into town, stopped to say goodbye to friends heading out of town, took my road bike into the shop (having issues with my front derailleur).  Late in the day the rain stopped and I headed out on the Xtracycle, riding till the sun disappeared.  Last few miles with lights on in the dark.  Soft night air, fireflies.  Maybe I learned my lesson this time.

rainy day in town

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