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#330daysofbiking Day 87: Clarksville express

bringing home the bike

Today’s good news: driving to Clarksville to bring Mason home from APSU.  Today’s not-so-good news: driving to Clarksville (in holiday weekend traffic).

APSU Governor’s School is officially over, Mason really enjoyed his past month of working with the  Gov School kids, and I am so happy to have my riding buddy back home. 😀 Got to spend the day in the car, which never thrills me – but especially tedious on a traffic-filled Friday of a long holiday weekend.  Fortunately, Mark came up with an alternate route for the return trip, allowing us to bypass the worst of Nashville and Chattanooga traffic, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  Just glad to be home; glad to have all of my boys home  at the same time.

outside the dorm - all the "essentials" ready to head home

I managed to sneak in a quick ride this morning on the Xtracycle before heading off to Clarksville.  Kind of cloudy and overcast, and nothing great photo-wise.  If the photos of the past few days have all seemed rather similar, it’s because I’ve decided to conduct my own sort of “lens trial” – trying to shoot with only one lens for the entire week, figuring out sweet spots, and how I can work best with it.  So this week’s photos have been brought to you by my sweet little 50mm f1.8 – obviously, I like it best wide open and fast, shallow DOF.  Thanks for putting up with my experimenting.

Tomorrow begins Le Tour … and the month of excitement, drama and suspense!  And lots of cool bicycles. 😀  Allez, allez!

this morning's ride; I like to think of my X as my version of a time trial bike ... (as in: I take my sweet time - lol)

Posted by savaconta on July 2, 2010
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