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#330daysofbiking Day 94: other bikes in France & “the numbers”

wishing I was on this French bicycle adventure; (photo by Mark - Saint Maio, France)

bikes by train, en route from Paris (photo by Mark)

beautiful day to be biking; Saint Maio, France (photo by Mark)

Well, Mark is back home from France … and I am thanking him for these beautiful photos (and wishing I could have been there).  Not the bicycles of Le Tour, but incredibly beautiful just the same.  For my wonderful and silly friends who have said they like my photos, I am thinking I will officially hand over all of the photo gear to Mark and let him take over.  He had my Lumix point-and-shoot on his trip, and came back with some of the most incredible shots … castles, bicycles, narrow French cobblestone streets, coastlines and azure water.  He has “the eye”; I give up. 😉

He also kind of saved my butt for this post, photo-wise.  We received a day of rain today – very much needed after all of the recent heat.  I managed to swim in the morning before everything started, and snuck in a quick ride in the evening after some thunderstorms moved through.  It was late and overcast; nice for riding, but not so great for photos with only my iPhone along.

My only big news for the day involves some numbers.  Since April 1st (the start of #30daysofbiking), I have officially ridden a bicycle on 94 of the past 100 days.  Whew.  And no, I have no idea of the mileage – I have no interest in keeping track.  For me, this is about getting out on my bike, or a bike,  as close to every day as I possibly can.  Sometimes I miss a day or two (oh, say … when kids develop appendicitis, that kind of thing).  And sometimes (like tonight) my rides are barely more than a few miles up the road and back.  Sometimes it is the road bike, sometimes the Xtracycle.  But for me it’s all about the challenge (and delight) of pedaling each day, no matter what the destination, the distance, or the type of ride.

So now, I officially have 265 days remaining until March 31 – the one year marker from the beginning of #30daysofbiking – and I will do everything possible to ride 236 more days between now and then, to reach my #330daysofbiking goal.  Three hundred and thirty days out of three hundred and sixty-five.  Sometimes it feels like a big number, and other times not so big.  Mostly, I have such wonderful recollections of the beautiful rides, the fun times with my family, the flowers, the cows.  Even the rain.

And grateful to the friends who are following along with me … hang in there with me, ok? 😀

my only lame-o photo of today's ride ... thanks to Mark for saving me today

Posted by savaconta on July 9, 2010
  1. 07/10/2010

    oh you have “the eye” too, my dear, trust me. I see plenty who don’t, myself included. AND Mark had some great material to work with! Y’all need to plan a European bike trip together!

    Good luck on the remainder of your 330 days – I’ll be “riding” along with you!

    • 07/13/2010

      Ah, Jenn … thanks. I am so behind in following up with this stuff. Every time I am out, I think if things I have learned from you and Stan, and am forever grateful. About fell over when I read your post about the guy who did 18 years of a 365-project … I cannot even begin to fathom that one! 🙂 Hope you guys are having a great summer. Talk soon!

  2. 07/11/2010

    Your “lame-o” picture is way better than any of mine.
    I am confident you will get all of your rides in. Perhaps you should celebrate 330 days with a bicycling trip to France – I’ll join you!

    • 07/13/2010

      Myrna … someday, my friend, we are going to ride together! France, MN or anywhere in between. Figuring we can get Darryl and all of our kids in the mix, too. Now *that* would be good times!

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