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#330daysofbiking Day 97: the little things


Sometimes it’s the little things that catch your eye while riding – a flower growing out of the asphalt, a caterpillar crossing the road, a toy that was dropped out of a car.  This evening it was just weeds along the road – backlit by the sinking sun, illuminated, glowing.

I had wanted to get out for a road ride today, but rain (and pile of laundry) kept me housebound until later in the day.  We had really needed the rain, though – and I definitely needed to attack Col du DirtyLaundry.   Eventually the skies cleared and I got out on the Xtracycle for a spin on the back roads.  Just looking at the little things.

the X - a la Lens Baby; Jim (@bikerly), you NEED one! 🙂

Posted by savaconta on July 12, 2010
  1. 07/13/2010

    You know what? Your site is the only cycling blog out there that I am completely loyal to….and I love it. I also must post comments more here than all other sites combined. Consider me still your number one fan….although I know you are getting a bunch more people wanting to knock me out of that spot. Nice work, my friend.

    I love the “Col du DirtyLaundry” comment.


    • 07/13/2010

      I think I have to give you a yellow jersey for most loyal friend :D. Always so grateful, D … you are amazing, and too kind. And a wonderful agent! 😉 (And here’s hoping that your Col du DirtyDiapers is an easy Cat 4 – lol!) C

      • 07/13/2010

        The Col du DirtyDiapers is even tougher than a Cat 4…..we’re cloth diapering. Actually, my wife loves it and says it is no problem at all. But wait until we start traveling in September.

        You do know we’re coming to see you sometime before 2011, right?

      • 07/14/2010

        Brutal climb, that one! 😉 (Oh how I remember those days….). And the goats and I await your arrival :))

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