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#330daysofbiking Day 99: experiment

Trying a bit of an experiment with this post, trying to see if I can do the entire thing by IPhone – from the photos to the photo editing to the writing and publishing of the post using the WordPress app. We’ll see … (and if this is full of typos and other errors, you’ll know why).

Today’s ride was a mid-day commute to the pool for a swim, and a few errands on the ride home. Not my favorite time to swim; I much prefer the early morning lap-swimming-only time, but some days it just doesn’t work out that way. Mid-day tends to be full of kids cutting through the lap lanes, not looking where they’re jumping in (occasionally on my head), and today some 8-year old spotted my pull buoy at the end of the lane and was about to walk off with it (I saw him and promptly put an end to that idea).

It’s back to horridly hot and humid, and the best place to be is in the water … and next time, earlier rather than later. Same for the riding, I’m afraid.

Posted by savaconta on July 14, 2010
  1. 07/15/2010

    Looks like your experiment worked quite well. So what do you have in store for Day #100 tomorrow?


  2. 07/15/2010

    I had to laugh, child trying to take your swimming gear. Too funny.

    Looks like your experiment worked. I can’t seem to get the WordPress app (droid version) to work for me. But being a man I refuse to read instructions and will continue to flail around until I make it work. 😀

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