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#330daysofbiking Day 105: corn & clouds

riding home

I know … good grief; another barn.  If there were other scenery around, trust me – I would spare you.

Today’s ride: into town to meet my friend Shelly and her daughter for lunch.  Good to catch up.  The conversation was better than the lunch.  Oh well.  Managed to dodge the thunderstorm that rolled through later in the afternoon.  Thankful for small favors.

Posted by savaconta on July 20, 2010
  1. 07/20/2010

    Every night when we sit around our dinner table we share our “What are we thankful for” list. One of mine today was that I was thankful I stayed dry on my ride…..thankful for both of us.

    Loving your blog as always.


  2. 07/22/2010

    great photo there, wonderful dynamic range! Your editing skills are coming along nicely! I make sure I see your blog daily just for the eye candy 🙂

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