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#330daysofbiking Day 112: bikayaking

easiest way to haul the boat - thank you, Xtracycle

Solo trip to the river today.  Just me, the bike, the boat, the camera … and a few of the things I saw on the water.

For the record, the scupper hole trailer + Xtracycle is the perfect combination for me; infinitely easier than trying to lift a boat onto a roof rack, or into a vehicle.  And truthfully, I could never fit the boat into/onto my tiny car anyway … so this is the ultimate freedom.  I can head out to the river any time, easy to load, easy to haul, everything fits, I get to ride my bike and paddle.  I am a happy camper.  (Or paddler, as it were.)


feather on the water



Posted by savaconta on July 28, 2010
  1. 07/29/2010

    I’m no expert, but your pictures are just getting better and better. I still need to get one from you for my office…

  2. 07/29/2010

    I enjoyed reading your blog, and your photos are amazing! TFS!

  3. 07/30/2010
    Ansel Adams

    I’m getting tired of complimenting your photos. But they just keep on delivering better experiences and evoking stronger reactions. Give it a rest already! Your fans are going to revolt if they can’t possess your work.

    My office would also benefit from a print.

    • 07/30/2010

      Send me a print of Moon Over Half Dome and I’ll send you a dragonfly (or butterfly, or feather, or bicycle, or …) ……………. heh heh

      • 07/30/2010
        Ansel Adams

        I’ll do you one better, a painting of MOHD – just for you.

      • 07/30/2010

        Not exactly what I had in mind …. (ithinkyoureagoofball)

  4. 07/31/2010

    I agree with Ansel, brilliant photography. Looking at your xtrayak just make me happy.

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