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days of summer, days of bikes

bugs and bikes on a summer evening ~ #330daysofbiking, Day 115, 7/31/10

The days follow a pattern – a pleasant pattern.  Cycling, paddling, taking pictures, conversations, laughter, rest.  Watching the sun go down.  And come up again.  The summer is passing so quickly, sometimes I feel like I can’t quite get it all in.

Riding into town on Thursday, a trip on the Greenway.  It’s always heartening, inspiring, to see others on bikes – and their willingness and enthusiasm to stop and strike up a conversation.  (And yes – their agreeing to let me take their photos :). When we’re not boxed up in cars, I believe we’re much more inclined to interact, to converse.  It makes us more approachable, more a part of the community.   Stopping to talk with two other cyclists (and one of the Greenway police officers) and talking about the merits of the Greenway for getting across town, observing the increase in ride-share around town, and just enjoying the simple pleasure of having a “commons” – a place to walk, to ride, to just stop and sit.

Greenway conversations - David and Kevin

#330daysofbiking, Day 113, 7/29/10 ~ greenway conversations (David and Kevin)

Terry - a little "taking care of business" on the Greenway (Day 113)

The heat continues, and the evening continues to be one of the nicest times to get out.  A time to stow the camera in the Xtracycle and just take a leisurely spin on roads close to home.  Enjoying the “golden hour”, the hum of the cicadas.

#330daysofbiking, Day 114, 7/30/10 ~ the little things (on the road)

evening ride (Day 114)

Lazy Saturday mornings spent exploring the river by kayak.  Flat grey skies, calm still water – like glass.  Different than cycling, yet oddly similar, moving through the landscape.   A lesson in patience this morning – spending close to an hour slowly approaching a Little Green Heron, who graciously let me get incredibly close.

Little Green Heron (& a lesson in patience)

unlike cycling, there are no hills...

Ending the weekend riding with “my boys”.  Another summer day, another ride.  The sun comes up and goes down.  It passes so quickly.  I feel like I can’t quite get it all in.

#330daysofbiking Day 116, 8/01/10

boy on a bike 🙂

Posted by savaconta on August 1, 2010
  1. 08/2/2010

    I can feel the sultry humidity. I can hear the cicadas. The pleasant buzz of thin tires on deserted pavenment. The intermittant click of an SLR. The drip of water from a paddle.

    Your photos continue to amaze.

  2. 08/2/2010

    Thanks for this post and for the pictures. My day is going to be a busy one but I feel like I just had a little meditation time because I read your blog and looked at the pictures. I’m breathing more steadily now. In. Out. In. Out. And this is good.

  3. 08/2/2010

    You’ve got it totally right about how free and beautiful life is when we’re not boxed up. My dream is to live in a place where I never have to be “boxed” up, and I’m hoping to get there soon. What would make that dream even better is if I could bring long people like you. Oh yeah, now we’re talking.

    Another excellent post….I know it’s a given, but here I am closing down your website with a smile on my face.


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