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#330daysofbiking Day 118, 8/03/10 ~ LHT a la Lensbaby

Not such exciting rides over the past few days – but I expect that to be changing.  Soon.

It’s been a couple of days of errand riding, swimming, a few thunderstorms, quick spins in the evening.   On Monday, while I was out riding – to the post office, the vet, the shopping center – I was thinking about the slower pace at which I travel.  While I know that cyclists in congested cities and urban area can often travel more quickly by bike than other means, when it comes to my covering distances out here in “the sticks” … well, I am considerably slower.   It takes me longer.  Sometimes a lot longer.  And for that – I feel incredibly grateful.

I like “deliberate”.  I like that I miss that “rat race” feeling when I’m out taking care of business.  I have learned to plan, and I’m conscious about choosing an efficient path – because the energy I am spending comes from my heart, lungs and legs, rather than from the gas pump with the swipe of a credit card.   I like paying the price – because, like food, slow and intentional is infinitely more satisfying than fast and cheap.

Last night on my evening spin, I stopped to play with my Lensbaby in an old cemetery  (what can I say? I find these places fascinating).  Looking at some of the very old markers – dating back into the 1800’s – always makes me contemplate “progress”, and the change of pace our modern lives have adopted.  They travelled by horse, wagon – slowly and deliberately.  We fly around the globe in the course of day.  We are more efficient, we are faster.  Yet … I can’t help but think: all I want to do is go a little more slowly.

And so I do.

#330daysofbiking Day 118, 8/3/10 ~ looking back

#330daysofbiking Day 117, 8/02/10 ~ errands: not much faster than the Pony Express

#330daysofbiking Day 119, 8/04/10 ~ pink Schwinn Caliente (there is a story coming about this one ... to be cont'd)

Posted by savaconta on August 4, 2010
  1. 08/4/2010

    Okay, now I know why I love your blog so much. It is an escape into the world that I so desire to be in. When you talk about the slow pace, the self powered energy, and the quiet….my heart starts to gravitate to the computer screen. That’s what I want……I’m on my way.


    • 08/4/2010

      D … gotta say I loved watching your video today. Really made me smile. You are so relaxed and articulate in front of the camera (are you a teacher?) – and it was great to hear a voice. (Why is that?) Thanks, always, for your kind comments – so appreciated. Come and join the slow party here. We’re waiting for you. ;))

  2. 08/5/2010

    I had an incredibly hectic and face-paced day in the office today. Heck, this whole week. But the two highlights of the work day today: the easy paced commute by bike to and from work, and treating my family to a relaxing Japanese lunch, with no hurry, while watching my youngest daughter try hot green tea for the first time. The rhythm and pace that make me smile are the same as your slow easy bicycle ride. Thanks for the slow!

  3. 08/5/2010

    You sound like the Soup Peddler with his “slow and difficult” soups. Slow food is the best and some of my best rides ever were the slowest.

  4. 08/5/2010

    Well put. Even on a bike, sometimes we have to remind ourselves to slow down.

  5. 08/5/2010

    I can definitely identify with riding slowly – I’m extremely slow but it’s not really deliberate 🙂 I especially love that photo of the old cemetery.

  6. 08/8/2010

    Cassi — loved this post, let me tell you. I expect things to liven up soon too with cooler temps around the corner. I love riding when it’s cool and icebiking may be my very favorite. When you see someone out biking in the winter you know they are a “real” biker (or crazy). The crunch under the tire is coming.

    I just picked up an abandoned Chicago Schwinn in pretty decent shape – Winter project. Can’t wait for the story about the pink Caliente. Enjoy your weekend. Jim

  7. 08/10/2010

    I love this post. Such a beautiful reflection on slow. You touch on what is hardest to explain to someone looking at slow from the outside. It’s not that fall behind the “rat race,” it’s that your entire perspective changes. And that the world only goes as fast as you do.

    Thank you for this.

  8. 08/11/2010
    Mary Lou Justason

    It’s August 11 and no post since August 4 so are you taking a blogging vacation?

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